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Buying an engagement ring is all about the little details and by getting these right, we know that you’ll choose the ring they’ll treasure for a lifetime, with expert advice from our complete how-to-buy guide.

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The 4 Cs

The 4 Cs: Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat
Weight and Confidence

The 4 Cs At A Glance

Every diamond is as unique as a snowflake and it’s the cut, colour, clarity and carat that helps define every stone’s true quality. We believe that you can either choose a diamond or you can fall in love with it, and that’s exactly how we select the diamonds that become part of our engagement ring collections.

All of our diamond solitaire engagement rings are a minimum colour G and Si1 clarity, meaning that your diamond will be bright, clear and dazzling whatever carat size you choose.

Discover the four Cs

1. Cut

To release its inner beauty, a diamond must be cut in perfect proportions. A beautifully cut diamond will have lots of sparkle.

2. Colour

A diamond’s rarity and purity is measured by its lack of colour. A pure stone will have a bright, white appearance.

3. Clarity

Most diamonds have inclusions. We select the best to ensure these unique markings will not be visible to the naked eye

4. Carat

Often confused as the size of a diamond, the carat is actually the measure of a diamond’s weight.

Our 5th C: Confidence

We don’t just tick off the 4 Cs or adhere to a technical checklist. For us it’s about genuine passion and care and about making sure your engagement ring sparkles.


"Choosing your engagement ring is the most important jewellery purchase that you'll make in your whole life. Our job is making sure that those diamond rings are perfect."

— Adelle Thompson, Beaverbrooks Diamond Buyer

The Perfect Setting

The Different Types of
Ring Settings

The type of ring setting will probably have the biggest influence on its overall look, whether you’re looking for glamour, timelessness or sophistication.

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Diamond Shapes

How To Choose a Diamond Shape

Creating their own individual style, the shape of the diamond will give your engagement ring its unique character.

View Diamond Shapes Guide

Precious Metals

Choosing The Best Metal For Your Engagement Ring

The type of metal you choose can have a big impact on both the look and price of your engagement ring. Metals with white tones such as platinum and white gold can look modern and contemporary whilst yellow gold can be more traditional. Rose gold is also becoming a very sought-after metal and can create a beautiful, vintage style.

Learn More About Metals
  • Platinum


    The rarest of all precious metals, platinum is by far the most luxurious choice. Its natural white colour will not tarnish or fade and, although it can be scratched, none of the metal will be lost over time. Platinum is the most secure setting for your diamond and looks beautiful in both contemporary and vintage styles.

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  • White Gold

    White Gold

    White gold is created by mixing yellow gold with white metal alloys such as silver or platinum. Its natural colour has a champagne appearance and so is coated with rhodium, a member of the platinum family, to give it a bright, white finish. White gold is modern and contemporary and will show off your diamonds brilliantly. One consideration to bear in mind is that you will have to have your engagement ring re-rhodium coated periodically to retain its bright white lustre.

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  • Yellow Gold

    Yellow Gold

    One of the most precious metals, gold has long been a symbol of love, success and luxury. A beautiful golden colour which does not rust, tarnish or corrode, gold is highly reflective and strong which makes it a perfect setting for a diamond. We normally use white gold settings on our yellow gold engagement rings to ensure that the yellow colour of the gold band is not reflected in your diamond.

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  • Rose Gold

    Rose Gold

    Another alloy of yellow gold, rose gold is created by adding a higher percentage of copper to the pure metal. Creating a beautiful, feminine colour which is perfect for vintage styles, a rose gold engagement ring is perfect for those looking for something a little different.

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  • 9ct or 18ct

    9ct or 18ct

    We offer gold, including white, rose and yellow, in both 9ct and 18ct. This refers to the purity of the gold in the ring. All gold is mixed with alloys to make it harder and to increase its durability, pure gold would be far too soft to be used in jewellery. In practical terms, this means that 9ct gold is more affordable but contains less gold, whilst 18ct gold is slightly more expensive but contains more precious metal.

Ring Size

How To Get The Engagement Ring Size Right

Getting the size of your engagement ring right is one of the factors that can cause the most stress, particularly if you’re planning a surprise engagement. However, we’d encourage you not to get too worried about this detail. Depending upon the design of your engagement ring it might not always be possible to have it re-sized but, if it doesn’t fit, you can return it to us unworn and we’ll be happy to exchange it for her correct size.

Our top 3 tips for finding your ring size are:


If you’re starting the search yourself and want to know your ring size, you could pop into any of our stores where we will be happy to measure your finger for you.



Perfect for couples choosing their engagement ring together, why not book an appointment in-store? You can also take some time to start exploring what engagement rings you like.



Check out our Ring Size guide which features a table of ring sizes, a print-out ring size guide and some hints and tips on how to go about finding their ring size in secret.


Proposal Rings

Worried About Finding The Right
Engagement Ring?

It’s the most important question you’ll ever ask so, if the prospect of choosing an engagement ring for the love of your life is causing you to lose sleep, proposing with a temporary ring could be the solution.

A beautiful collection of sterling silver cubic zirconia rings, you can pop the question with a Proposal Ring before choosing your diamond engagement ring together. We’ll even deduct the price of your Proposal Ring from your Beaverbrooks Diamond Ring if you visit us within 60 days.

Buying In Store

How To Buy An Engagement Ring In-Store

Booking an appointment is a great way to get all the engagement rings advice and expert tips you need during the picking process. You can book an appointment at a time that will suit you so we can help make choosing the perfect engagement ring as stress-free as possible.

In addition to wanting to find out about your other half, questions we might ask you are:

  • - What do you already know about diamonds?
  • - What have you seen during your research?
  • - What precious metals are you considering?
  • - What jewellery does your partner tend to wear?
  • - What style do you prefer?
Book An Appointment

Book An Appointment

Booking an appointment in store is a great way to make choosing the perfect engagement ring as stress-free as possible. You can book an appointment at a time that will suit you and you can really take your time to find exactly what you want.

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Ultimate Diamond Ring Quiz

What's Their Diamond Style?

Need some more inspiration on finding the perfect ring? Take our quiz to find out your loved one's diamond style.