OMEGA Seamaster Watches

OMEGA Seamaster Collection

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Fusing inspired design with outstanding stability since 1948, the OMEGA Seamaster boasts passion for adventure and rich maritime heritage in every timepiece.

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OMEGA Speedmaster Watches

OMEGA Speedmaster Collection

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Known for its high precision, sturdiness, readability and reliability, the OMEGA Speedmaster marked history as the first watch to be worn on the moon.

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OMEGA De Ville

OMEGA De Ville Collection

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Since 1967, the OMEGA De Ville has been recognised for combining cutting edge technology with fashion and elegance, boasting prestige and timeless designs.

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OMEGA Constellation

OMEGA Constellation Collection

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The OMEGA Constellation boasts a dramatic and enduring design, placing it among the ranks of the world’s most instantly identifiable timepieces.

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OMEGA has been redefining watchmaking since 1848 with their pioneering spirit and extraordinary achievements. Today, they are owned by The Swatch Group and enjoy recognition and admiration all over the world as one of the greatest watch brands.

We delve into their rich history, explore their revolutionary world and discover why you should choose an OMEGA watch.

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