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Recognised as some of the most highly prized diamonds in the world, each Maple Leaf Diamond is mined from the heart of Northern Canada, demonstrating exacting standards of colour, clarity and symmetry.

Maple Leaf Diamonds - Wind's Embrace Collection

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Wind's Embrace

Swirling with romance and sparkle, the Maple Leaf Diamonds Wind’s Embrace collection showcases a dazzling Canadian diamond that’s surrounded by a whirling halo of smaller diamonds, representing the wind’s embrace.

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Why Choose Maple Leaf Diamonds?

From Canadian ice fields, Maple Leaf Diamonds are formed over billions of years, meaning your diamond is rare, eternal, and crafted to treasure. Only select Canadian rough crystals of the highest standard are chosen to become Maple Leaf Diamonds.

Canadian diamonds formed in the earth 3.5 billion years ago, making them some of the oldest diamonds in the world. These diamonds are formed deep within the heart of the Canadian North.

Each Maple Leaf Diamond is set in a beautiful backdrop of 18ct PureWhite gold, which is a unique blend of gold from the Royal Canadian Mint and palladium for a brilliant white finish.

Every diamond is tracked from the Canadian mine as a rough crystal until it reaches its sparkling finish as a polished diamond.

A unique tracking number is laser inscribed onto the diamond that’s invisible to the naked eye. You’ll also receive a certificate of origin to prove its Canadian heritage.

Canadian diamonds are recognised as some of the most prized diamonds in the world.

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