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With over 100 years’ experience and passion, fall in love with our breathtaking engagement rings.


Each of our engagement rings is carefully crafted by experts, to ensure that the fit, look, and feel is perfect. When choosing the perfect engagement ring, make sure to consider the metal, design, cut, and shape.

We offer a range of engagement rings in different precious metals, designs, and with meticulously hand-selected diamonds, so you can have confidence in the quality of our engagement rings, whatever style you choose.

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Solitaire Engagement Rings

A traditional design that will always remain timeless, fall in love with the beautiful silhouette of a solitaire engagement ring.

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Cluster Engagement Rings

For a truly breathtaking design, cluster engagement rings feature a central diamond adorned by other, smaller precious stones for an eye-catching sparkle.

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Halo Engagement Rings

A style that exudes radiance beyond compare, halo engagement rings boast fire and brilliance from every angle.

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Stone Set Engagement Rings
Stone Set

Luxurious and timelessly elegant, stone set shoulder engagement rings feature carefully set, beautiful diamonds upon the shoulders of the ring’s band.

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A diamond’s cut is the most important factor when it comes to sparkling brilliance and character. The right cut will influence the diamond’s shape and determine how the light reflects from your diamond, giving you a truly breathtaking shimmer. From round brilliant to oval, emerald or princess cut diamonds, pick the perfect diamond cut and shape for your engagement ring.

Round Brilliant Cut

Perfectly symmetrical, a round brilliant diamond is classic. The cut ensures maximum sparkle, as the light reflects and bounces from every angle, creating a shine that’s simply breathtaking. Radiating flashes of bright white, round brilliant diamonds are the epitome of elegance.

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Cushion Cut

A beautiful style that exudes sparkle and brilliance, cushion cut diamonds have a square or rectangular shape, with soft edges that fit perfectly into engagement rings. Discover timeless solitaire cushion cut diamonds, or halo styles that perfectly complement the wonderful central stone.

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Emerald Cut

If you’re looking for radiance beyond compare, emerald cut diamonds provide deep clarity, reflecting light in a unique way. With a square or rectangular shape, the elongated stone showcases its shine in a linear way, making it stunningly distinctive.

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Oval Cut

With a luxurious look, fit, and feel, oval cut engagement rings have a bow-tie formation at the centre, so their cut is wonderfully special. The elongated stone shines just as brilliantly in a solitaire design as it does adorned by other stones in a halo style.

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Baguette Cut

A baguette cut diamond provides a contemporary but classic look to your engagement ring. The rectangular stone is long and delicate in shape, and the angular edges make them truly eye-catching. The unique sparkle of a baguette diamond is simply striking.

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Princess Cut

The intricately crafted princess cut is perfect for a glamourous, enchanting engagement ring. The shape narrows towards the setting, ensuring maximum sparkle and reflection of light from each side of the stone, perfect for solitaire styles as well as pairing with other gemstones.

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Teardrop Cut

Also known as pear cut, a teardrop cut has a curved edge that sculpts to a point, accentuating the sparkle of the diamond. Said to represent tears of joy on your wedding day, teardrop engagement rings are both beautiful and sentimental.

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Marquise Cut

Showcasing the qualities of an oval cut but with pointed edges, a marquise cut diamond has meticulously cut facets that are enhanced by its elongated design. Embodying timeless luxury, they create a breathtaking sparkle that you’ll fall in love with.

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Beyond Brilliance

The only cut of its kind in the world, our exclusive Beyond Brilliance diamonds create twice the flashes of light than other round brilliant diamonds.

Beyond Brilliance

Crafted in platinum and 18ct white gold, our Starlit by Beaverbrooks diamond collection boasts a constellation of diamonds radiating together.


Discover breathtaking diamond rings that swirl with elegance and sparkle.


Our exclusive once by Beaverbrooks collection features unique, one of a kind diamond rings.


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We have over 100 years of family heritage, so we know a thing or two about choosing engagement rings and have several awards to prove it.

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Pay a £0 deposit and spread the cost with up to 3 years interest-free credit. Shop engagement rings from as little as £30.56 per month.

Your guides to buying engagement rings
Discover the Getting Engaged Guide
Ring Size Guide
Ring Size Guide

Found the perfect ring but not sure on their ring size? Our helpful guide has all the tips you need to find it out in secret.

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Engagement Ring Buying Guide
Engagement Ring Buying Guide

When it comes to buying an engagement ring it’s all about the little details. That’s why we’re here to help with our guide on buying an engagement ring.

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Proposal Guide
Proposal Guide

From choosing the perfect engagement ring to asking that important question, we’re here to make it a momentous moment.

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A truly special moment, we love helping you find a breathtaking engagement ring for the loved one in your life. Our experts at Beaverbrooks are on hand to help you every step of the way so don't hesitate to get in touch or start a live chat.

Engagement Ring FAQs

There are no definitive rules about how much you should spend on an engagement ring, despite the claim that it should cost two or even three months' salary. Buying an engagement ring is entirely a personal choice, so you just need to focus on selecting one that best represents the love you and your partner share.

It's a good idea to decide on a budget before you start looking, as many factors will affect the price of your engagement ring. These include the type of cut and setting, carat weight, and the metal the band is made from. We advise that you think about which detail is most important to you and then go from there.

When you buy an engagement ring at Beaverbrooks, you can spread the cost of your purchase using our interest-free credit option. This can be across 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 or 36 months.

There are some restrictions on the 0% interest-free credit options. In these cases, we may offer you interest-bearing options so you can still spread the cost over a longer period. You can visit our finance options page to learn more about engagement ring financing.

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Every curve and detail of the engagement rings in our premium collection is meticulously inspected to ensure perfection, so we believe that every Beaverbrooks product is of the highest quality. That's why we guarantee everything against manufacturing defects. This will be honoured at one of our UK stores or through mail order on the production of proof of purchase.

Choosing the right engagement ring size can be tricky – especially if you want the proposal to be a surprise! An engagement ring should fit snugly on the left ring finger; it should easily slide over the knuckle but not feel loose.

Our ring size guide is a useful tool that provides important information about how to measure your ring finger at home. Use it to help ensure that you're buying the right size engagement ring for this momentous occasion.

It's the most important question you'll ever ask, so we understand that you'll want to keep your engagement ring untarnished. Different materials and gemstones have different maintenance requirements, so take a look at our Cleaning Jewellery Guide for top tips and information on storage and replating.

We also recommend bringing your engagement ring to be professionally cleaned in-store so we can check it, polish it, and keep it sparkling.

It's perfectly normal to wear your engagement ring on your wedding day, but it's entirely up to you! Some newlyweds decide to temporarily move their engagement ring to their right hand or finger closest to the heart for the ceremony but you can go with whatever is the most comfortable.

There are no set rules on how to wear an engagement ring. Traditionally, though, you wear your engagement ring and wedding ring together on the fourth finger of your left hand. For us, it's about finding a statement piece that you and your partner fall in love with and never want to take off.

Since they'll be together forever like the two of you, it's a good idea to pick a wedding band that complements your engagement ring. You'll find inspiration by looking at our guide on how to match your wedding band to your engagement ring.

An engagement ring is a timeless symbol of love, commitment and dedication. It represents the lifelong journey you’ll share with your loved one, along with the beautiful connection and infinite love you have for each other.

When you're thinking of buying an engagement ring, its design should reflect and complement your partner’s style perfectly. It’s probably the most special thing they’ll ever wear, and they’ll wear it for the rest of their lives, so it’s important to pick the right type of engagement ring for your soulmate.

Take a look at our engagement ring buying guide to help you find the ring you'll treasure for a lifetime.

Diamond rings are the traditional style for an engagement ring. While technically any ring could be an engagement ring, only a diamond will last forever. Such a special and important ring should be worn and loved for a lifetime, which is why we wouldn’t recommend 9ct gold dress rings with cubic zirconia stones. These aren’t designed for everyday wear and should only be for special occasions.

Whether you choose an elaborate designer option or a classical style, the design of your chosen engagement ring is completely up to you.

If you’re looking for some design inspiration, our engagement ring buying guide is the perfect place to start.

Engagement rings are traditionally worn by one partner in Western countries, though some areas and cultures see couples wear matching rings to show their special bond.

While the person who proposes typically just wears a wedding band, some may also want an engagement ring to signify their commitment ahead of the wedding day.

Earning the nickname of the “mengagement ring”, the popularity of men’s engagement rings has risen since the legalisation of same-sex marriage in the UK in 2014. The gesture is also loved by some opposite-sex couples too.

Three stone, cluster, halo and more – there’s a huge choice of engagement ring styles out there. When it comes to the most popular, solitaire engagement rings are often the most loved and traditional style. Other current engagement ring trends include colourful gemstones, so you have plenty of sparkle to choose from for your big moment.

Trends come and go, but an engagement ring is for life. Make sure the ring you choose is the perfect match for your partner. The finer details are everything, so have a glance at our engagement ring style guide for some of our favourites.

Your engagement ring is likely to be the most beautiful, special piece of jewellery you own, so it’s natural to want to wear it every day. There are just a few times we would recommend removing your engagement ring to avoid damage and keep it looking beautiful.

Examples of when to remove your engagement ring include when swimming, exercising, cooking or doing housework – we’d also suggest leaving it off at bedtime to prevent unknowing damage in the night. Our jewellery cleaning and care guide shares more expert tips for looking after your precious engagement ring.

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