Diamond Shapes

Diamond Shapes

Which diamond shape to choose?

Diamonds come in many different and beautiful shapes and sizes, so it’s important to find the one that’s perfect for you.

Round Brilliant

Perfectly symmetrical for the most dramatic sparkle

Round Brilliant Diamonds Round Brilliant Diamonds

Typically cut with 57 facets, round brilliant diamonds are a very popular choice for engagement rings. The round shape lets the light disperse beautifully from the bottom and out through the top of the diamond for magnificent fire and sparkle.

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Emerald Cut

An elegant cut, inspired by Emerald stones

Emerald Cut Emerald Cut

The long facets of an emerald cut stone will highlight the clarity of your diamond. This style is perfect for lovers of vintage glamour and elegant style and looks particularly beautiful with a halo of round brilliant diamonds.

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Elongated for a visually larger diamond

Marquise Cut Marquise Cut

For something a little different, a marquise cut diamond is the perfect choice. Often described as ‘boat-shaped’, the elongated shape gives you a visually larger diamond and can also help make your fingers look long and slender.

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A twist on the round brilliant cut for excellent scintillation

Oval Oval

Oval diamonds are a stunning twist on the classic round brilliant cut diamond. This means they radiate a similar exceptional sparkle to the round brilliant cut, but are different for their vintage-inspired shape.

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A blend of round brilliant and marquise cut for magnificent sparkle

Pear-Shaped Pear-Shaped

Known as both pear-shaped and teardrop diamonds, this style can be worn with the point facing upwards or downwards, depending on your preference. This shape is a beautiful combination of round brilliant and marquise cut diamonds, so you know its sparkle will be breathtaking.

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Princess Cut

A glamorous and contemporary square-shaped cut

Princess Cut Princess Cut

A contemporary diamond shape, the princess cut showcases a modern square-shape with a glamorous feel. This cut works well for high carat diamonds and is an incredibly popular choice for a romantic solitaire diamond engagement ring.

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Diamond Settings

A beautiful diamond needs the perfect setting

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Beyond Brilliance

Beyond Brilliance

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