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To be worn now and always, discover the most beautiful wedding rings to symbolise your everlasting love.

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Whether you’re looking for a wedding ring set to represent you and your partner’s bond, or something to express your individuality that will adorn your hand forever, shop our wedding rings by style.

With designs such as plain wedding ring bands, diamond set, shaped rings, or part of a bridal set, find a wedding ring to match your style. Elegant and classic, our wedding rings are all timeless by design, so prepare to fall in love with your wedding rings now, and forever.

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Choosing a wedding ring is such an important decision and that’s why we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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"Symbolising a meaningful bond that will last forever, we know how important your wedding rings are. All of our wedding rings are carefully selected with consideration and expertise, so you can find the ones that perfectly represent the eternal love you share.”

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Your guides to buying wedding rings
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Wedding Ring Buying Guide
Wedding Ring Buying Guide

Your wedding rings will be an eternal symbol of your love and commitment to one another.

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How To Match Your Wedding Ring & Engagement Ring
How To Match Your Wedding Ring & Engagement Ring

Together forever like the two of you, finding a wedding band to match your engagement ring is an important task.

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Ring Size Guide
Ring Size Guide

Found the perfect ring but not sure on their ring size? Our helpful guide has all the tips you need to find it out in secret.

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We’re on hand to give you all the advice and information you need to find the wedding rings that are right for you. With a range of wedding rings to choose from, enter the world of wedding rings and find your forever wedding rings at Beaverbrooks.

Wedding ring FAQs

A wedding ring symbolises everlasting love and commitment within a relationship. Representing an eternal bond, wedding rings are worn by both spouses every day after being exchanged on their wedding day, when making matrimonial vows. A circle with no beginning or end, the shape of a wedding ring represents the eternal commitment, love and faithfulness a couple holds for one another. The meaning behind the wedding ring is what matters the most, and, when choosing your wedding ring, you should consider what style represents the love that you share the most.

This all depends on your budget. We would always recommend going for the same metal as your engagement ring to help avoid any tarnish, so it’s important to keep this in mind. The material of your wedding ring band will contribute to the price of your wedding ring.

Deciding on the design of your wedding ring is also a contributing factor when considering how much to spend. Some wedding ring bands are diamond set, and some are not; the heavier the diamond content, the more expensive your wedding ring will be. Wedding rings at Beaverbrooks come in all sorts of price ranges, to suit every budget, from under £500 to up to over £4,000. We know how expensive weddings can be, and we’re on hand to advise and guide through every step. Shop wedding rings by price and find a beautiful style that suits your price range.

We offer up to 3 years interest free credit on wedding rings. Pay £0 deposit on your wedding ring today and spread the cost from as little as £14.07 per month.

We believe that all of our wedding rings are of the highest quality and will guarantee everything against manufacturing defects. Our wedding rings are crafted with care, precision, and expertise, so it’s very unlikely that you’ll have a problem with your wedding rings. If there is a problem with your wedding ring, this guarantee will be honoured at any one of our Beaverbrooks stores, or through Mail Order on production of proof of purchase. These rights are additional to and do not detract from your statutory rights.

If there’s a problem with your wedding ring, it’s best to look for help and advice as soon as possible. Please pop in to any one of our Beaverbrooks stores where we will be able to assess your wedding ring and give you more detailed advice. Alternatively, contact Customer Services on 0800 169 2329 (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm). If your wedding ring has been lost or stolen, providing you’ve taken out Insurance through Beaverbrooks, you’ll be able to claim up to 30 days after the incident. First, you’ll need to report the loss of your wedding ring the police and request a reference number. Then just pop in to your nearest Beaverbrooks store and we’ll help you fill in the claim form and send it off for you, to replace your wedding ring within 10-14 working days.

In the UK, it’s traditional to wear your wedding ring on the third finger of your left hand, known as your ring finger, as this is the hand that’s closest to your heart. In earlier times, the ring finger was thought to have a vein leading straight to the heart, which is why your wedding ring is worn on this finger. Your engagement ring is also worn on this finger, and should sit on top of your wedding ring band. Find the perfect size to fit your wedding ring finger perfectly with our helpful Ring Size Guide. Finding the perfect wedding ring fit means that you never have to worry about your wedding ring slipping from your finger and getting lost.

Engagement rings and wedding rings are not the same. Although traditionally worn on the same finger, an engagement ring is given when someone proposes to their significant other. An engagement ring marks the proposal of marriage, whereas wedding rings are exchanged on the wedding day during the ceremony, and represent marriage. Engagement rings generally showcase a central diamond, whereas wedding rings are more like a band that can be both diamond and non-diamond set. Both an engagement ring and a wedding ring are traditionally worn together, forever.

Traditionally, your engagement ring would be moved to your right hand on your wedding day. During the exchange of wedding rings in the ceremony, your wedding ring will take the previous place of your engagement ring on the ring finger of your left hand.

Do you wear your engagement ring after your wedding? After the ceremony, your engagement ring returns to your left hand, and sits on top of your wedding ring band. Your wedding and engagement rings can be worn in whichever way you see fit, but traditionally, this is how your wedding and engagement rings are worn after the wedding, and beyond.

Traditionally all rings are worn on the third finger (the ring finger) of your left hand. The wedding ring is worn first, so it’s the closest ring to your heart, next to the engagement ring, which sits on top. If you’re looking to match you’re engagement ring to your wedding ring, our How To Match Your Wedding Band To Your Engagement Ring blog has all the advice and inspiration you’ll need. It’s essential to consider the metal of your rings, the styles and how they’d sit together, and the width of your wedding ring in order to perfectly match it to your engagement ring. We also offer a range of bridal sets for matching rings that sit together flawlessly.

You want your wedding ring to be comfortable and secure. It should slip comfortably onto your finger with a slight resistance as it goes over your knuckle. It’s important that you can get your wedding ring off if needed for swimming or for working reasons for example, but it’s important it doesn’t twist around and fall off on its own. Your wedding ring should be tight enough to ensure that it won’t fall off, but also shouldn’t cause any discomfort. Discover our Ring Size Guide to find your perfect wedding ring size. Depending on the style of the wedding ring, some styles can be made bigger, our Beaverbrooks experts will give you the advice you need in-store.

Cleaning your wedding ring depends on the style and materials in your wedding ring. Some metals need to be treated in different ways, and particular care should be taken when cleaning gemstones like diamonds. If you’re looking for ways to clean your wedding rings at home, follow our Jewellery Cleaning Guide. Beaverbrooks also offers a lifetime cleaning service for wedding rings bought with us, free of charge. For a quick and simple way to keep your wedding ring sparkling, follow these steps:

  • To clean your wedding ring pieces, we would recommend gently cleaning with the Connoisseurs jewellery beauty wipes. If you don’t have any Connoisseurs beauty wipes to hand, you can make a soapy solution using a very mild detergent like baby shampoo. Make sure you rinse it off thoroughly to avoid residue.
  • Immerse your wedding ring fully in the cleaning solution and let it soak for a few minutes.
  • Using a soft-bristled brush, gently brush your wedding ring, paying particular attention to the setting, gemstones, or places where dirt can become trapped.
  • Rinse your wedding ring well in lukewarm water.
  • Dry and polish your wedding ring with a soft, lint-free cloth.