Diamond settings & styles

Diamond settings & styles

The setting ensures your diamond will be showcased to its maximum beauty, so it’s important to understand the different diamond settings. Our experts devote a huge amount of care and attention to ensuring that your diamond and setting match perfectly.

Claw setting

This popular setting, which can be 4 claw or 6 claw, requires minimal metal and therefore has more space to allow light to pass through the diamond. This brings out your diamond’s true sparkle.

Bezel setting

A very secure setting, a metal rim surrounds the entire diamond and creates the illusion of a larger diamond. With a scalloped-edge aesthetic and smooth finish, it’s perfect for a modern-contemporary look.

Channel setting

Popular for eternity rings or diamond wedding rings, diamonds are nestled next to each other in-between the precious metal for a uniform flow of sparkle. A secure setting and smooth to touch, it creates a sleek look.

Pavé setting

Standing out for its sparkle, lots of small diamonds are held onto the surface by small beads of metal raised from the ring itself creating a paved look. The difference between pavé and claw is that the prongs are less noticeable on a pavé setting.

Choosing a diamond ring style

The type of diamond ring setting has an influence on its overall look and style. So, whether you’re looking for statement sparkle or timeless sophistication, we’ll talk you through the most popular diamond ring settings and styles.