Director of Buying and Merchandising

Adelle Thompson joined Beaverbrooks in 1978 and is now Director of Buying and Merchandising. She uses her decades of experience to carefully hand select each of our stunning Beaverbrooks diamonds, with a meticulous eye for detail, brilliance, and sparkle.

Adelle makes sure we have the most beautiful collections, with a particular focus on jewellery and bridal pieces, and pays close attention to each of the 4 Cs of a diamond; the cut, colour, clarity and carat. This is how we make sure only diamonds that truly radiate fire and sparkle become Beaverbrooks diamonds.

Q&A with Adelle

Over 45 years in the industry! What is it about diamonds and jewellery that captured your heart?

I feel privileged to be part of an industry where we are not just selling jewellery, we are helping to mark the most special occasions and milestones in peoples’ lives; from births and birthdays to engagements and weddings, and everything in between. Jewellery and diamonds are not just for right now, they remain sentimental in peoples’ hearts for years, decades and even lifetimes. This is what has captured my heart – and I absolutely love it.

Every single Beaverbrooks diamond is carefully hand-selected. What’s the first thing you look for when choosing them?

I look for fire and sparkle. Some diamonds sparkle more than others, which is due to their cut. Each Beaverbrooks diamond is cut meticulously by experts, creating the perfect angles and ratios to reflect the light just right. Beaverbrooks diamonds are truly special, as we make sure they will really ‘wow’ the wearer and anyone who looks at them.

After diamonds, what’s your second favourite gemstone and why?

Diamonds are way up there as my favourite because they’re natural. Diamonds come from deep within the earth and are billions of years old, which makes them immensely special to me because I love natural beauty. Not only are they truly magnificent in their appearance and what they symbolise, we know at some point that we will run out of new diamonds – things that are finite I find really special. So for me, second to diamonds are a collection of beautiful, classic gemstones; ruby, emerald, sapphire, and pearls. I associate these gemstones with the most luxurious pieces of jewellery, including the crown jewels and striking historical pieces.

Adelle Thompson

Which Beaverbrooks diamond collection speaks to you and your personality the most?

That’s a very tough question, because I love all our collections. I think the one that speaks to me the most would be Essence by Beaverbrooks. The creation of Essence for me was so incredibly special because it symbolises many feelings and moments that are important to us, including hope, connections, and new beginnings. It was following a difficult time for everyone, due to COVID restrictions and lockdown, and this collection was and still is about the release from those times. Essence celebrates the new beginnings, relationships, and special moments we share with those we love. It’s a very meaningful collection.

What is your best piece of advice to someone who is looking to buy diamonds?

Does it make your heart flutter? Make sure that you buy with your eyes and your heart, and ask yourself these questions: is the diamond beautiful? Does it sparkle? Are you going to fall in love with this diamond? Make sure to buy a diamond that is perfectly cut by experts and reflects the light for maximum sparkle and quality: a Beaverbrooks diamond.

Tell us about the career moment you are most proud of?

Becoming a Diamond and Jewellery Buyer at Beaverbrooks was extremely rewarding, because I love being able to guide and influence our collections with our customers in mind at all times. I love being able to play a part in those very special purchases that mean so much, and especially those for milestones and important life events. I feel very privileged.

What was the last piece of Beaverbrooks jewellery you bought and why?

It was the 9ct Yellow Gold Mother of Pearl Clover Necklace, along with the matching bracelet and earrings. Nearly all of my jewellery is white metal, and with yellow gold trending at the moment, I wanted to start building my yellow gold jewellery collection. These pieces are both on-trend and timeless - I love them.