Hublot Watches

Designed for revolutionaries and trailblazers, Hublot watches have been pushing the boundaries of innovation since 1980. Featuring sensational pieces from acclaimed collections such as Classic Fusion and the Big Bang, the perfect Hublot watch is waiting for you at Beaverbrooks. The pinnacle of Swiss quality, Hublot timepieces' precision is guaranteed with a diverse range of automatic, mechanical and quartz movements. These watches never compromise on comfort or elegance and are crafted from the highest-quality materials, including gold, stainless steel or leather. Featuring water- and scratch-resistant qualities, every Hublot watch is designed to go the distance and elevate every outfit. Shop the Beaverbrooks collection of Hublot watches online today or buy a timepiece in-store. Enjoy next-day UK delivery on selected pieces.

Hublot Watch FAQs

  • Which Hublot watch should I buy?

    There are so many standout Hublot watches, so choosing the right one depends on what you're looking for from your timepiece. The Hublot Big Bang is the flagship model, while the Classic Fusion collection sports the signature porthole design. The Spirit of Big Bang watches boast an exclusive tonneau-shaped design and innovative new features.

    Each Hublot watch offers something different, so we understand if you need a little extra help. Consult our watch buying guide or visit us in-store at your nearest Hublot stockist to talk to one of our experts.

  • Are Hublot watches waterproof?

    Hublot watches are water resistant to varying depths depending on the model. Water resistance refers to the amount of water pressure that a watch can withstand and Hublot offers models that range from 30 metres to 100 metres. To ensure the pieces making up your watch are water resistant to certain depths, have your timepiece serviced before wearing it in water. Discover how to use your Hublot watch in water with our servicing guide.

  • Are Hublot watches a good investment?

    Yes, Hublot watches are great investments for anyone looking to start their own luxury watch collection. Boasting the finest Swiss-made craftsmanship and premium materials, a Hublot watch is designed to last a lifetime and makes for stylish wristwear that can be treasured by loved ones for years to come. Not only that, Hublot watches are backed by a rich heritage of engineering and hold their value consistently over time. With all this in mind, your Hublot timepiece will remain something to treasure for many years.

  • Are all Hublot watches automatic?

    No, you can shop several different movements when finding the perfect Hublot watch at Beaverbrooks. These include quartz and mechanical watches, alongside exquisitely crafted automatic watches.

  • Do Hublot watches have batteries?

    Quartz Hublot watches are battery-operated, and the movement should typically last around two years, but some boast performances that last even longer.

    Manual or automatic Hublot watches have different power reserves. An automatic watch self-winds using the wearer's wrist movements, while manual winding timepieces need to be wound by hand. Be careful not to overwind though – always stop winding when the crown starts to resist.