Le Grainger

Beaverbrooks Brand Ambassador


We’re so excited to introduce our first ever Beaverbrooks brand ambassador! You may have seen Debbie featured on our Instagram and on our blog, The Beaverbrooks Journal, but now it’s time to sit down and get to know Debbie Le Grainger, up close and personal, as we celebrate this brand new chapter.

During the recent few years of working with Debbie there’s been a lot of laughs, amazing advice and of course, plenty of diamonds. The best bit? There’s so much more to come. Here’s to the next chapter.

Meet our sparkling new Beaverbrooks Brand Ambassador, Debbie Le Grainger

How did you get into styling and influencing?

“I’m so thankful for my career path, I owe it to my mother. She’s my styling and fashion hero, so I come from a fashion background. I studied fashion and I’ve always been inspired by street style and jewellery, by watching what other people wear. I used to make clothes with my mother when I was younger, and I find the whole creativity behind styling amazing. I feel good when I dress well and when I’m helping other people feel good too. Wearing the right clothes and the perfect jewellery really gives you confidence and makes people happy. I love making people feel confident and happy in their clothes and jewellery. I love my job!”

What’s your favourite thing about partnering with Beaverbrooks?

“I just love the ethos of the brand. I love the brand history, how it started and I love that the family is still involved within the business. I love the fact that Beaverbrooks support so many charities and that they’ve been awarded ‘Happiest Place to Work’, because being happy in a workplace is so important. I love working with my Beaverbrooks family, but most importantly I love the jewellery.”

Debbie’s top jewellery styling tips

“My biggest tip for styling jewellery would be to firstly choose pieces you would wear every day. So, for me, diamond studs and diamond hoops, because I think they can complement non-diamond jewellery as well as diamond jewellery. Plus, with diamond jewellery you can wear them for every occasion, whether it’s on holiday or at home. I think they really stand out and can really pull an outfit together.”

Debbie Le

“Think about layering the pieces, mixing up your metals and don’t be afraid of just experimenting and playing around with it all. There is no rule, so just have fun with it really!”


What have you learnt about jewellery since working with us?

“How personal and unique jewellery is to everyone. It’s about the story, importance and emotion attached to each piece, and how wearing jewellery can make you feel.”

“Not only that, but learning about all the different types of jewellery, including precious metals and gemstones. I sat down with some of Beaverbrooks’ expert buyers, Lorna, the Head of Diamonds and Jewellery, and Courtney, a Jewellery Buyer, and I loved listening to them talk about the buying process and where their inspiration comes from when selecting Beaverbrooks jewellery. But I was most fascinated learning about diamonds; how they’re formed, carefully hand selected by experts, and how each diamond is meticulously cut to ensure that it sparkles the most - that blew my mind!”

If you were going to create a jewellery collection, what would it consist of?

“I would design a collection with diamonds, pearls, and initials to create personalised jewellery that either comes as a set or sold separately. From an initial diamond & pearl necklaces to an initial diamond & pearl bracelet, it would be a collection that looks striking and stunning worn all together yet would also look simple and classic if worn individually. You could even layer with other pieces too!”

What’s your favourite jewellery trend right now?

“I love that diamond tennis bracelets and big pearl drop earrings are must-haves right now. Both of these trends make a statement and elevate a very simple outfit. They’re also staple jewellery pieces, especially for the festive season!”