105 Years Of Enriching Lives
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Our core purpose is to enrich lives, which simply means making a positive difference to the world we live in. One of the ways we do this is by supporting local charities and communities that are close to the hearts of our people.

Charity has been an important part of everything we do throughout our 105-year history. Since the year 2000, we’ve donated £24million (and counting) to charity, as well as countless hours.


We have our own dedicated Charity Team and our own charity, The Beaverbrooks Charitable Trust

Our dedicated Charity Team and Trustees are committed to supporting the charities and communities close to our people’s hearts. We also have our own charity, The Beaverbrooks Charitable Trust, which allows us to support charities in many ways, from yearly team donations to Payroll Giving. Our Charity Team focus on funds and donations, and building meaningful, long-lasting relationships with our charities and local communities whilst doing so.

Mark Adlestone, Chairman
Mark Adlestone,

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Anna Blackburn, Managing Director
Anna Blackburn,
Managing Director

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Paul Holly, Head of Office and Retail Co-Ordination
Paul Holly, Head of Office
and Retail Co-Ordination

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Susie Nicholas, Charity Manager
Susie Nicholas,
Charity Manager

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Our colleagues choose the charities
& causes closest to their hearts

Our people have autonomy over the charities they choose to support. Every year, each of our teams receive a donation to give to a local charity of their choice, meaning we get to support around 100 charities throughout the UK. In addition all our colleagues are encouraged to take a minimum of 2 days of paid charity time each year to volunteer. Through payroll giving, fundraising, volunteering, and sponsoring, we support the charities that are the beating heart of our communities in many different ways. This allows us to build important partnerships with the charities and communities around us.

Beaverbrooks support over
500 local charities each year

As a result of our colleagues choosing causes close to their hearts, we’re proud to support so many different charities. We’re proud to say that over 45% of Beaverbrooks colleagues donate to charities through Payroll Giving, which means they choose to give to their charities through their pay. When it comes to fundraising, we’re not afraid to get creative in the ways we show our support!

Beaverbrooks donate 20% of retained
profits to charities & communities
each year, thanks to you!

Thanks to our customers, we’ve been able to donate 20% of our retained profits to charities and communities each year. We do this by matching every single penny raised and donated by our colleagues, having a dedicated Charity Team to decide how we can support charities in the best ways possible, and building meaningful partnerships with local communities.

Here's just some of the heartwarming ways our people choose to support charities & communities

If it means the world to you, it does to us too. Hear from our people on how they love to make a difference.

Shining a light...

With an aim to create long lasting relationships with all of our charities and communities, we’re spotlighting some of the ways we continue to show our support.

Ways to get involved with charity
& community work

Our aim is to inspire others to give back and get involved, so if you’re unsure on where to start, here’s our five top tips from Susie Nicholas, our Charity Manager…

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    “Think about your passions. How can you help out in a way that inspires you? If you love animals, get in touch with your local RSPCA for ways to support. If you’re into gardening or DIY, lend a helping hand at your local independent charities. Or, offer some time at a charity shop that matches your hobby.”

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    “If you’re looking to volunteer in your local community, you can find opportunities to support wonderful causes close to you at doit.life.”

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    “Think about how often you can volunteer. Whether you’d like to help out on a weekly basis, of for a few hours every now and again, every effort can make a big difference to your community. Make sure however you volunteer, it’s manageable for you, and impactful for your chosen charity.”

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    “Do you have a charity in mind that’s close to your heart? Ask your employer about Payroll Giving, and choose the charities you’d like to donate to each month. You can choose to give to as many as you like, and donate as much or as little as you can.”

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    “If you’re still nervous about where to start, ask a friend or colleague to team up with you and volunteer or fundraise together. Team work makes the dream work!”

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