Garmin Watches

Equip yourself with the latest innovations in watch technology with the Garmin collection. Stay connected and take your active lifestyle to the next level with Garmin watches, smartwatches and hybrid designs. For athletes who refuse to compromise, a Garmin sports watch has everything you need for an epic performance. Whether you enjoy running or cycling, this on-wrist coach supports all your fitness goals with integrated smart technology and a choice of in-house, solar and quartz movements. Delve into watches from new and acclaimed Garmin models, including the MARQ, Fenix and Epix, that boast a variety of stunning watch straps and dials. Stay active every day with a Garmin timepiece from Beaverbrooks. Shop our online watches or book an appointment in-store at our official Garmin UK stockists.

Garmin Watch FAQs

  • Where to buy Garmin watches?

    You can always browse Beaverbrooks' impressive catalogue of Garmin watches online but we understand if you want to find the perfect fit by shopping in person. Simply drop into one of our Garmin UK stockists to experience the collection for yourself. Our experts are always on hand to answer any questions you may have to make the selection process easier.

  • Which Garmin watches have built-in GPS?

    For avid runners and other serious athletes, Garmin smartwatches from the Fenix 7, Quatix 7 and Fenix 7X collections are great choices. They come equipped with multisport GPS functions that help you navigate the outdoors with a new level of efficiency. If you're not sure which timepiece to go for, why not consult our Smartwatch Buying Guide to help you make the right decision?

  • Are Garmin watches waterproof?

    Staying true to the brand's limitless ethos, the majority of Garmin watches can function properly with some water exposure like in the shower. If you plan to use your Garmin for water sports activities, we advise choosing a watch with greater water-resistance capabilities. For surface swimming, a timepiece with a water resistance rating of 50 metres or higher is suitable – most Garmin pieces in our collection meet or exceed that level.

  • Are Garmin watches accurate for heart rate?

    Every Garmin watch is designed to push the boundaries of sports performance thanks to the precision of its innovative features. However, some technology limitations may cause occasional inaccurate heart-rate readings.

    Luckily, there are some things you can do to prevent this. To get optimum heart-rate performances from Garmin smartwatches, you should ensure that there is no gap between the heart-rate sensor and your skin when putting it on.

  • Are Garmin watch bands interchangeable?

    Garmin watches offer two different band options: QuickFit and Quick Release. While you can change these straps, not every Garmin watch band is interchangeable. To double-check whether your Garmin strap is compatible with a watch, check your owner's manual.

  • Are all Garmin watch chargers the same?

    If you've got the newest Garmin watch or smartwatch, you can use the same charger you would use for your iPhone. For older models, you might need to use a different one. The main types of chargers Garmin watches use include mini-USB, micro-USB and USB-C.