Bulova Watches

Defined by a risk-taking ethos and unwavering drive for perfection, Bulova watches are considered by many to be the pinnacle of American timepieces. Having travelled into space on NASA moon missions and underwater adventures, there is no terrain that Bulova hasn't conquered. Here, you'll find models from classic collections such as the Bulova Marine Star, Sutton and Precisionist, symbols of precision and quality craftsmanship. Each watch features a sleek wrist strap and dial made from durable stainless steel, leather and gold tones. With models boasting both quartz and automatic watch movements available at a variety of price points, the timepiece that meets your needs is waiting. Embrace the Bulova spirit of invention with watches from Beaverbrooks. Shop our online collection or visit us at one of our 12 official Bulova watch stockists across the UK.

Bulova Watch FAQs

  • Who owns the Bulova watch company?

    The classic American watch manufacturer is owned by Japanese multinational conglomerate Citizen Watch Co., which took over in 2008. That change hasn't affected quality, however, as Bulova watches have retained the unique personality and distinctive features that have made them so popular for years.

  • Are Bulova watches a good investment?

    Dipping your toes into the world of luxury timepieces? Bulova watches are a great place to start. Not only is Bulova wristwear instantly recognisable and renowned for its precision but the attainability and durability of each watch mean it is an excellent investment opportunity. Bulova has combined 145 years of high-end watch manufacturing with premium materials to create watches that can be treasured long after purchase.

  • How much does a Bulova watch cost?

    The prices of the Bulova watches in our collection vary depending on model, edition and collection. For example. Bulova Marine Star watches are available from £379 or £21.06 per month*, while more prestigious collections such as the Precisionist offer watches starting from £599 or £33.28 per month*.

    Compared to other luxury watch brands, Bulova prices are more attainable, while still reflecting the expertise that goes into every timepiece. If you've got your eye on a Bulova watch, browse our finance options to see if any work for you.

  • Where are Bulova watches made?

    Bulova watch headquarters are located in New York City but its timepieces are manufactured in Japan, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

  • How to wind a Bulova watch

    How often you wind a Bulova watch will depend on whether you have an automatic or mechanical Bulova watch. Automatic watches should only need winding when first purchased and if you haven’t worn your watch in a while but a mechanical watch will need winding every few days. It's recommended that you use a watch winder but, if you prefer to wind it manually, turn the crown clockwise in position 0 and wait for the watch to stop before turning the crown around 40 times.

  • How long does a Bulova watch battery last?

    It is recommended that you replace your quartz battery every two to three years to maintain optimum performance from your Bulova watch. You can read our Watch Care Guide for information on how you can extend battery life and keep your timepiece ticking away nicely.

  • How long do Bulova watches last?

    Cutting-edge technology and robust materials mean that your Bulova watch is built to last and guaranteed to be your steadfast companion for years to come. With the right care and servicing, it could even last you a lifetime and be enjoyed by future generations.

    Bulova watches have been to the moon and undertaken deep aquatic adventures, backed by elite durability. It's recommended that you get your timepiece serviced every five to eight years, so just pop into your nearest Beaverbrooks branch and we'll be happy to help.

  • Where can I get my Bulova watch battery replaced?

    If you've noticed that your Bulova watch needs a battery change, pop by your nearest Beaverbrooks store and we’ll be happy to take a look for you. We'll cover your watch battery for the first 12 months from purchase.