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Considering buying a luxury watch and wondering how to care for it? What makes it cost so much? Where should I buy one? Well, you’re in the right place.

We’ve found the most googled questions about luxury watches and put together all the answers you need within this helpful guide.


What is considered a
luxury watch?

A luxury watch is meticulously crafted to a high quality, from its movement and manufacture to its materials, and designed to last a lifetime.

More often than not, they have a highly intricate automatic or mechanical movement, but there are also exquisitely made luxury quartz watches too. All of which are put through their paces with intensive tests based on strict criteria; Swiss made watches receive a COSC chronometer certification, however not all luxury watches are Swiss.

The use of precious metals add to that luxurious finishing touch, whilst some brands use gemstones or create special and limited editions to uphold their superiority. Our Swiss Watch Buying Guide has everything you need to know about manufacture, materials and movements.

What is behind a
luxury watch price tag?

Whilst the materials used to create luxury timepieces can also affect the price, the main factor is the complex process of developing a new movement for each watch design. Movements are made up of hundreds of parts and need to be meticulously crafted in order to stay accurate - in most cases it can take years of research! Luxury watch brands also still rely on the steady hand of artisans to put together timepieces.

A fine work of craftsmanship, the movement is an intricate mechanism with hundreds of working parts that powers the watch. We talk more about the different types of movement and ground-breaking innovations some of the luxury watch brands have made on our Swiss Watch movements guide.

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Why buy a luxury watch?

  • Investment: Many luxury watches increase in value over time and become collectors’ pieces.

  • Longevity: Designed to last a lifetime, the craftsmanship and materials used for luxury watches are the very best.

  • Comfort: Designed to be worn for a long time, luxury watches have comfort in mind.

  • Accuracy: Months of work go into ensuring precision and accuracy, with each movement put through testing multiple times.

  • Water resistance: Luxury watches are tested to establish exactly what water depth and pressure it can withstand to ensure avoiding water damage.

  • Aesthetics: Many luxury watch brands work to create pieces that are timeless in style whilst also encompassing their heritage.

  • Sentiment: It’s a meaningful gift that lasts a lifetime, perfect for celebrating special occasions, such as weddings, milestone birthdays, and anniversaries.

Bruce Andrews | Head of Luxury Brands at Beaverbrooks

“Owning a luxury timepiece is not only a smart investment, as they often increase in value over time, but it also means that you are potentially purchasing an heirloom that can stay in your family throughout generations. A luxury watch is truly a special purchase, as the craftsmanship that goes into making them can’t be replicated in standard watches.”
– Bruce, Head of Luxury Watches.

When to buy a
luxury watch?

Luxury watches are an incredibly meaningful gift, making it perfect for celebrating really special occasions. The most popular tend to be a milestone birthday or anniversary, graduation, wedding, an engagement, or retirement. If you’re buying for yourself, it makes for a great investment as many luxury watches increase in value over time. We’ve rounded up some of the most luxurious watches on our Luxury Edit.

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How to clean & care for your luxury watch

A well-maintained luxury watch can last a lifetime and beyond, that’s why it’s important
to clean your watch regularly and take proper care of it.

Here’s our top tips on keeping your watch clean:

Each timepiece will have its own specific requirements so make sure you check the aftercare information for your particular watch. Discover our Watch Care Guide for more useful care tips.

How to choose a
luxury watch

First, think about what you are looking for - do you care about additional functions? Or do you want something that simply looks good? Would you prefer a leather strap or metal? Would you like to invest in a piece that will increase in value, or do you want something that you can wear every day? Then, set your budget – our luxury watches start from £415, but it’s probably best to decide the highest amount you’re willing to spend.

“When you’re looking to buy a timepiece, there are a number of things to consider including personal preference, budget, and the occasion. Whether you're looking for a watch to wear every day, formally or for a particular sport, then you have to consider the different features.”
– Bruce, Head of Luxury Watches.