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Thinking of proposing and need some help choosing the perfect diamond ring?

Our engagement ring quiz will help give you the confidence to choose the most beautiful diamond ring for your partner. Answer questions based on their style and we’ll help you find the engagement ring that suits them perfectly.

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Question 1 of 7

Which celebrity style icon is your partner most likely to follow on Instagram?

Our celebrity style icons say a lot about our aspirational style. When it comes to decisions as important as their engagement ring, your partner deserves their dream look.

Question 2 of 7

Which style of jewellery is your partner most likely to wear?

You’d get bonus points if your choice of engagement ring complemented your partner’s everyday jewellery!

Question 3 of 7

Which do you think would be your partner’s dream wedding outfit?

A lot of wedding dresses may be white and flowing, but different detailing such as lace, necklines and the fit can give us hints about the wearer and their personal style.

Question 4 of 7

Which of these outfits are you most likely to find in your partner’s wardrobe?

We (and you!) want to make sure the engagement ring will complement their favourite outfits and be the star of the show.

Question 6 of 7

You’re sending those all-important wedding invitations out. Which style of invite are your friends and loved ones most likely to receive?

A lot of thought can go into a wedding invitation. You’re inviting people to share one of the most important moments in your life, so it’s a probably quite a good test of your partner’s personal style – if they’re choosing them, that is!

Question 7 of 7

Which metal are you most likely to see your partner wearing?

Your partner’s engagement ring style is…