Product Review Policy

Why we have product reviews

Here at Beaverbrooks, we’re very keen to hear your feedback on our products.

We believe genuine product reviews play an important part in helping customers shop with confidence and helping them make an informed decision when purchasing products.

This policy outlines how we use and manage product reviews on the Beaverbrooks website.

By submitting a review to the Beaverbrooks website, you give your permission for this review to be published online and used across marketing channels. You also give permission for us to use the first name provided when submitting the review.

How to submit a helpful product review

We welcome reviews from Beaverbrooks customers who have shopped with us either online or in one of our stores, as these reviews are about the product specifically – not the service or experience.

The product review should be a fair evaluation of the product itself with supporting reasons for the positive or negative opinion.

A helpful product review:

“I’m disappointed in this product because the watch case is much smaller in person. I was expecting something bigger due to the style of the image shown.”

An unhelpful product review:

“I don’t like this.”

Please don’t include any personal information in your review such as email address, postal address, phone numbers or bank details. If you do include personal information, we’ll remove it before publishing the review.

Product review approval process

Every product review is checked manually before being published to ensure it meets our criteria, therefore please allow 3-5 working days for your review to be published online.

We also reserve the right to pass any negative reviews onto our Customer Service team who may follow up with youdirectly, to see if there is anything further we can do to help.

Please note that product reviews are valid for 3 years. After this, they may be removed from the website to ensure that the information we display is relevant and up to date.

Why we might reject product reviews

We reserve the right to reject a review if it doesn’t meet our criteria. Some of the reasons we may reject your review include

  • If the review incudes profanities or abusive language.
  • If the review is about the service or experience you have received when shopping with Beaverbrooks, and not the product itself. If this is the case, please contact our Customer Service team free on 0800 169 2329 or complete the Contact Us form.
  • If the review is completely unrelated to the product in question e.g. it’s about the wrong product.
  • If the review is an unhelpful review with no supporting reasons to back up the opinion.
  • If the review contains any personal information e.g. if specific individuals are named or any identifiable details are included such as telephone numbers, email addresses, bank details etc.
  • If the review is more than 3 years old, we may remove this from the website as per our approval process.
  • If we can’t verify the purchase and confirm that the person who left the review has purchased that particular item.

Contact us directly

We welcome all reviews; good, bad or indifferent. If you’re left feeling unhappy with your purchase, we’d always advise you contact us directly so we can help resolve the situation and discuss the returns options available.

To talk to us about your purchase, or if you have a question about a review you’ve already submitted, please contact our Customer Service team free on 0800 169 2329, email, or fill in our Contact Us form.