Scandinavian 'Trollbeads' is the Original in this now incredibly popular Danish charm bead concept. It was created by the Aagaard family from Copenhagen in 1976 and they still own and run the Trollbeads empire as a family concern. Trollbeads was first in this concept to come to the UK, being launched at the IJL trade fair in London in September 2005.

Trollbeads is unusual in that each bead has its own story and symbolism which can be interpreted by you to mark an experience or an event. A collection of individually selected beads can be arranged on a Trollbeads foxtail bracelet or chain to create an exclusive and unusual 'life story' bracelet or necklace which will be unique to you.

Creativity and innovation is the life blood and motivational force for the continuing success of Trollbeads. Trollbeads was started by Lisa Aagaard's grandfather over 30 years ago – a creative goldsmith and silversmith from Copenhagen, but it was her love of design and experimentation with glass that has taken Trollbeads and the whole charm bead concept to the global success of today. Lisa, her family and extended family of designers are the creative force that started this phenomenon and they remain the momentum that drives this concept forward, launching new products and ideas for the rest of the industry of copies to follow.

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