Watch Buying Guide

Whatever style or type you’re looking for, choosing the watch of your dreams can be harder than you’d anticipated. Our Watch Buying Guide will help you navigate through the information about water resistance, movements and strap types to help you find the watch that’s perfectly right for you.

Your watch in more detail

Bezel +

This is part of the case that surrounds the dial and may be fixed or rotating depending on the style of watch. Many fashion or dress watches are finished with a crystal or diamond set bezel for an extra touch of glamour, whilst sporting watches may have tachymeter scales for average speed measurement or uni-directional rotating bezels to measure elapsed time.

Crystal +

Designed to protect the dial and hands, the crystal must be tough and durable whilst allowing excellent visibility of your watch’s functions. Our watches predominantly feature two types of crystal: sapphire crystal and mineral crystal. Sapphire crystal is very hard and scratch-resistant whereas mineral crystal is slightly more prone to scratching but is less likely to shatter if it suffers an impact. Some watches may also feature anti-reflective treatment on one or both sides of the crystal to ensure optimal readability of your watch in all conditions.

Hour Markers +

Contributing to the overall look of your watch, the type and style of the hour markers can vary. Some modern watches may have no hour markings at all, whilst a more classic edge can be achieved by a watch with Roman numerals. Hour markers may also take the form of batons, Arabic numerals and even crystal or diamond dots. Particularly in sports watches, the hour markers may have a luminescent coating which will allow you to read your watch in all conditions. The colour of this luminescent coating can also add another dimension to the design of your watch.

Dial +

The decoration and finish of your watch’s dial is where the artistry of watchmaking can really be appreciated. Intricate patterns may be applied such as sunbrushed, guilloche or Cotes de Genève to give your watch a touch of style and luxury. Dials may also be brightly coloured to add a sense of fun and individuality to your look, as well as being finished with mother-of-pearl or even carbon fibre.

Case back +

The seal which protects your watch’s movement, the case back can be a work of art in its own right. Some Limited Edition watches may have special commemorative engravings on them whilst others may have been ergonomically designed to make the watch more comfortable to wear. We also have a collection of watches with sapphire crystal or ‘exhibition’ case backs which allow you a glimpse into the beating heart of your watch.

Sub-dials +

Depending on your watch’s complications, the sub-dials may display the chronograph functions or, as in some fashion watches, may display the day, date and month. Sub-dials will give your watch a very sporty edge. Some watches, such as Casio for example may also include digital sub-dials to give you all the information you need at your fingertips.

Case +

The very essence of your watch, the case will determine the look, feel and functionality of your timepiece. The case size is perhaps the first factor in determining your ideal watch. Large, imposing case sizes are on-trend for both men and women, but more recently, smaller and more feminine sized ladies watches are becoming increasingly fashionable and are prefect for teaming with a stack of trendy bracelets. Normally made from stainless steel, the case can feature a variety of finishes as well as gold, rose gold or black ion plating. Increasingly, sporty and pilot style watches are being made from titanium which is lightweight and very durable.

Crown +

Used to set the time, as well as possibly the day and date depending upon the functions, your watch will have either a push-down or a screw-down crown. Normally found on fashion watches, a push-down crown simply needs to be pulled out in order to change the time or date. A screw-down crown is normally found on sports watches and ensures a high level of water resistance – just remember to screw it back in after changing the time!

Strap Types


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