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Ebel was founded in 1911 by husband and wife team Eugene Blum and Alice Levy, the brand name originating from a fusion of their initials: Eugene Blum et Levy.

Known as “The Architects of Time”, it is their ambition to create watches that are technically and aesthetically perfect, timeless, beyond fashion and distinctive – just like good architecture should be.

A luxury Swiss brand, Ebel is one of the few prestigious watchmakers that have their own automatic chronograph calibres. They were also the first brand to become seriously involved in sports sponsorship, and in the 1970’s they pioneered the sponsorship of golf, Formula 1 and Tennis.

A passion for innovation and excellence in watch design has always been at the heart of the Ebel brand, and since its inception it has remained true to its core values, manufacturing fine Swiss watches that combine technical expertise and distinctive style. Renowned for its iconic bracelet design with signature wave-shaped links, Ebel continues to create timepieces that embody luxury and contemporary elegance with subtle yet exquisite detail.

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