10 Proven Ways To Get Your Partner To Propose

Ready for the ring? We asked Brits to tell us their tried-and-tested engagement hints, from making their partner watch wedding TV programmes to browsing jewellery store windows. Read on to pick up some top tips to get your loved one down on one knee.

Popping the question is a life-changing moment. No matter how besotted with each other you both are, putting a ring on it is a big decision. But if you’re keen to help move things along, Britain’s aspiring brides have a few tricks up their sleeves.

We asked 1,000 married women and men for the most common hints they used to get their loved one to take things to the next level. From casually mentioning ring sizes to filling their partner’s inbox with romantic holiday destinations (and even joking about appearing on ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’), the hints revealed are amusingly honest. Here are the most popular…

Britain’s top proposal hints (to try yourself)

1. The jeweller’s window

Next time you’re strolling through town, take the time to peruse the jewellery store window – staring longingly at those shining diamond rings.

2. Just say it

Asking your partner casually if they see themselves getting married one day is a subtle yet straightforward way of getting your message across. Asking ‘Who would you have as your best man?’ is another clever nudge.

3. ‘It could be us next…’

If there ever was a perfect time to drop a proposal hint, it would be at a friend’s wedding. Love is in the air – not to mention bubbles – and your partner is probably imagining your own wedding as much as you are.

4. Family matters

Families are brilliant when it comes to asking the things you might find awkward. If they haven’t done it already, get them to playfully ask your partner’s plans straight up. ‘When are you going to make an honest woman of her?’ is the most popular hint.

5. Dropping the ring size

Not knowing your ring size may be a big factor in your partner dragging their feet. Pointing it out may just be exactly what they need for the helpful little nudge. You can always mention the specific type of ring you’ve always wanted, just to make sure.

6. Something’s missing…

Fiddling with a ring on another finger is a subtle way to show your partner that your engagement finger is diamond-less. Just saying…

7. Name-dropper

Has your friend recently been proposed to? Point it out to your loved one as a hint and get the conversation started. Alternatively, try mentioning the length of time your parents have been married, or mention one of your mum’s/grandmother’s rings.

8. Brides on the box

TV makes it super simple to drop those proposal hints. You could joke about applying to appear on ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’, watch movies with wedding themes or comment on a celebrity’s wedding/engagement ring.

9. Wish we were here

Found the ultimate romantic proposal location? Email it to your partner immediately.

10. Dress it up

Who isn’t gripped with wedding dresses and rings? Look at dresses when your partner is there (if you’re really bold you could even try one on) or leave jewellery magazines open in the house for a sparkling hint.

Remember that these clever signals – despite your best efforts – may not always be clear to your other half. According to our survey, one in 10 men are likely to be ‘completely oblivious’ to their partner’s advances, despite the average British woman dropping an average of two engagement hints to her partner.

For those who weren’t willing to flat out say, “Are you ready to propose to me?” these hints were simply ignored or completely missed, according to more than a fifth (21%) of hint-dropping women we asked. Eager wannabe brides also reported facing one false alarm, when they thought their partner was going to propose but didn’t – so try not to set your hopes on things too soon!

Three is a magic number

So, how long are you expected to leave jewellery magazines scattered around the house for before you get the question they’ve been waiting for? According to our study, the average British couple dates for three years before getting engaged. The big day, we found, comes two years later.

Say ‘yes!’

After all those hints, the moment that question finally leaves your partner’s mouth you’ll be more than ready to tell the world. ‘Engagement selfies’ are a rising trend, with 42% of couples in our study telling us that they captured the magic moment this way to share online.

But it’s not just selfies. We trawled Instagram looking for besotted photo-takers and picked out our favourite eight types of proposal pictures – from sparkling engagement ring shots to luxurious locations.

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