Proposal Guide

Such a romantic time, we love helping you plan your perfect proposal.

It’s the most important question you’ll ever ask, so here’s some inspiration to help you make her the happiest girl in the world.

1. Choose the perfect engagement ring

The prospect of choosing the perfect engagement ring is enough to bring even the most jewellery-savvy guys out in a cold sweat. But, if you do a bit of research beforehand, you can take most of the stress out of finding The One.

What Rules?

The first thing to remember is that there are no rules. Choosing an engagement ring is a unique and personal choice and our aim is always to match each couple up with the diamond that’s perfect for them. Remember that each stone is as unique as a snowflake, so there will never be another diamond like yours anywhere in the world.

Know her style

You don’t have to go it alone these days. There’s a huge trend for couples choosing the engagement ring together but, if you’re a traditionalist and want to surprise her, then it’s worth taking a bit of time to find out what she likes. Paying attention to what kind of jewellery she wears is a great starting point and one of the questions we’ll ask you if you come into store. Does she prefer white or yellow gold tones? Vintage or modern? Is she glamorous or understated? Doing a bit of style reconnaissance beforehand is definitely a good move.

What kind of metal?

The type of metal you choose can have a big impact on both the look and price of your engagement ring. Metals with white tones such as platinum and white gold can look modern and contemporary whilst yellow gold can be more traditional. Rose gold is also becoming a very sought after metal and can create a beautiful, vintage style.

Learn more about the different metal types in our Aftercare guide.

Decide your budget

Deciding your budget beforehand can help you choose the ring that’s right for you. And by the way, you don’t have to stick to the old rule of spending two months wages or buy a certain carat weight. At Beaverbrooks we select diamonds that are colour G and Si1 clarity, meaning that they’ll be bright, clear and dazzling whatever size you choose.

Forward thinking

You may not have popped the question yet, but it’s still worth thinking about your wedding rings when choosing the engagement ring. We always advise that your wedding ring should be the same metal as your engagement ring. This is because if the metals are different one may be softer than the other meaning it will wear away over time.

When choosing the engagement ring you might want to bear in mind how it will sit against a wedding ring. Some intricate designs may have matching bands specially designed to fit around them or engagement rings with low settings may require your wedding ring to be shaped to ensure they sit nicely together. Of course you don’t have to buy the wedding and engagement rings together, but we’d be happy to show you a selection of wedding bands that will complement your engagement ring perfectly once she’s said ‘yes’ – after all, we’d love you to come in and tell us about your engagement story.


If you’re doing this alone you probably have lots of questions and concerns. Yes, it’s probably the most important piece of jewellery you’ll ever buy, but we’re here to help you. These are the most common questions we get asked by nervous engagement-ring-buying guys

Q: If it’s the wrong size can it be altered?

A: It is possible for some rings to be altered either to be bigger or smaller. However, if the ring has an intricate design, such as a three stone ring or a ring with diamond set shoulders, it may not be possible. We will tell you in store if your particular ring can be sized and you can also find information on our website in the product description. If the ring is the wrong size but it is not possible to re-size it, you can return it to us unworn and we’ll be happy to exchange it for her correct size.

Q: How do I know what ring size she is?

A: We have a ring size guide on our website which you can print out and use to compare her other jewellery, or you could bring one of her rings into store for us to have a look.

Ring Size Guide

Q: If she doesn’t like the ring, can I bring it back?

A: Yes. Just return the ring to us unworn and we’ll happily exchange it for you. We have an appointment booking service in all of our stores so you could select a time when it would be convenient for both of you to come in and see us together.

Book an appointment

2. Plan Your Proposal

Whether you’re planning to propose around a birthday, special anniversary or just because you can’t wait to ask the question, you’ve got plenty of romantic options. Depending on the time of year, you could propose you’re snuggled up warm and cosy by the fire, on a sun-baked beach, or at a place that has a special relevance to both of you. However you ask her, it’s a story you’ll be asked to share with family and friends for many years to come.

Our top ten proposal ideas

1. While on a romantic break

The most wished for way to be proposed too, getting down on one knee at a romantic destination certainly tops our list. Barcelona, Prague and, of course Paris (the city of love) are usually top of the list but, if money’s not an object, you could use this opportunity to get something ticked off your bucket list. Wherever you go, being somewhere special for both of you will make the moment even more unforgettable.

2. At a special place

We all have our favourite places, whether that’s a beautiful park, favourite beach or somewhere with an amazing view. Make sure it’s somewhere where you both love being and, when the moments right, surprise her by getting down on one knee and showing her a gorgeous engagement ring.

3. With a romantic note

On the days leading up to the day you want to propose, send your sweetheart a card or leave her a note telling her something you particularly love about her, or recalling your most special memories together. Finally, send her a card which reads ‘To my fiancée’ and write your romantic proposal inside.

4. After a lovely meal

Popping the question after a romantic meal in your favourite restaurant (complete with roses and champagne) is a lovely way to ask. But, if proposing in public isn’t what either of you want, you could enlist the help of a willing friend. While you’re out of the house, ask them to leave a trail of candles and rose petals which leads to a circle of votives around the ring.

5. Take a romantic walk

It could be somewhere you both love to go, or somewhere that’s been on her wish-list for a while. If the weather’s right take a romantic picnic, but otherwise enjoy the day together and, when the moment is absolutely perfect, take her breath away by asking her the question she’s been dreaming of hearing.

6. Take her shopping

You’ll need to enlist the help of your jeweller with this one. Pop in to the store in advance and ask them to put a personalised ‘will you marry me?’ sign in their window near the engagement rings you think she most likes. Take her shopping on the pretext of treating her to something nice and then escort her to the engagement window. Once she’s said ‘yes’, you can go inside and choose the perfect ring together, before going off to celebrate with a romantic meal.

7. Say it with chocolates

Treat her to a heart-shaped box of chocolates and replace the most central chocolate with her engagement ring. When she opens it, be ready to get down on one knee to ask the question

8. Remember your relationship

Ok, this one takes a bit of forward planning, but the look on her face will be worth it. While she’s out of the house create a trail of photos and memories of your relationship together. Make sure the last picture is a photo of you holding a sign saying ‘marry me?’ At this point, make sure you’re ready with the ring.

9. Where you first met

Nothing says romance more than a beautiful proposal in the location where you first met or had your first date. Perfect for rekindling old memories, going back to your past could be the perfect way to begin your future.

10. Make a statement

You’ll have to be totally sure that your bride to be likes the limelight, but if that’s her thing, then go for it. Flashmob proposals will definitely be a talking point for many years to come, or you could have an announcement made at a concert or show. Whichever way you go, if you’re planning to go big with the surprise, just make sure you film it too!

A Beaverbrooks Proposal

We’ve had lots of weddings at Beaverbrooks HQ lately and some of our colleagues have shared their proposal stories with us. We think they’re all completely magical.

Jo and Darren

The day Darren proposed marked the second anniversary of when we got together, and we were on holiday in Crete. We went for a meal at a very romantic restaurant by the beach, where there were roses and prosecco waiting on the table. When we finished the meal Darren quickly rushed me over to a nearby bridge. A fireworks display then started and he whispered 'remember when I told you that when I propose there'll be fireworks...'. At that point I froze completely and Darren got down on one knee. I was crying so much I forgot to say yes! When I eventually stopped crying we went up to the piano bar at the hotel where they sang This Year’s Love by David Gray which is one of our special songs and made us dance together (good practice for the first dance at the wedding!). To this day it was the most romantic night of my life and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect proposal.

Christian and Kelly

I flew half way around the world to ask my now wife to make me the happiest man alive. Kelly was in Thailand as she’d flown out earlier in the year to fulfil a lifelong dream of travelling Southeast Asia. I initially had a fear of flying which I didn’t feel I could overcome in order to go with Kelly but being away from her very quickly made me realise that I needed to man up and get on a plane to ask Kelly a question I hadn’t got off my mind since she left for Asia.

I proposed at a beautiful secluded area of Thailand called Railay Beach on the 4th anniversary of Kelly and I dating. I was initially going to propose at dinner but didn’t feel the right moment arose. We then walked along the beach and ended up having a couple of drinks and a good giggle on our terrace. Whilst laughing on the terrace I just felt the moment was perfect, I pulled the ring from my pocket, Will you marry me? It took Kelly by surprise and after a few seconds a teary yes was her response. After a couple of minutes of happy tears we had a celebratory drink before announcing the news to our families over Skype.

Rachael and Neil

Seeing the Northern Lights has always been on my bucket list and so in December 2013 we went to Iceland. On the last day we were driving back from the Blue Lagoon and the sky turned green – we managed to see the lights for five minutes and then they were gone. Still buzzing, we went out for dinner that night when my boyfriend took a detour to Reykjavik’s beautiful cathedral…I’ll never forget the moment when the clock chimed 9pm, everywhere was covered in snow and Neil got down on one knee!

Chris and Mel

I took Mel to the lakes for her birthday, where we went on a lovely walk with our dog and had a picnic. I then proposed on the top of a hill with an amazing view across the lake below. It was a wonderful moment, with a nice dose of comedy thrown in when we were attacked by a sheep! Mel still said ‘yes’ though.

3. Tell The World

You’ve done all the hard work and popped the question – now it’s time for her to tell the world that she’s engaged! These are our top ten tips for taking the most perfect engagement selfie.

1. Pamper. If ever there was an excuse for a manicure this is it. Treat yourself to a fabulously girly pamper session, moisturise and then get ready to show off your sparkle.

2. Location, location, location. Think about the background making sure it’s not cluttered or distracting. You could go for a plain or pretty backdrop, or choose a nice location to tell a story. Whatever you go for, don’t forget that your diamond is the star of the show.

3. Strike a pose. Ok, this might sound silly, but try to find a pose that works best for your hands. Everyone has their best side. Avoid focussing on your knuckles and try hovering your hand mid-air in a relaxed pose

4. Redefine the selfie. They might not be (technically) selfies, but sometimes a helping hand is what you need. Enlisting a friend will let you get more creative with your poses, and can capture those angles you can’t get single-handedly

5. Go for wow-factor. Do your research and get creative. Check out images you like on Pinterest, then use your flair to re-create them in your own way for an engagement selfie that will spread like wildfire

6. Step into the spotlight. Diamonds need light to sparkle. Natural sunlight is perfect for showing your ring off at its best, but be aware of shadows which can make your diamonds look dull. For a more romantic look, take your selfie in the Golden Hour – a period shortly after sunrise or before sunrise so-called by photographers because the sunlight is redder and softer at this time

7. More is more. Your diamond sparkles from every angle, so why not show off every intricate detail with a fabulous mini-montage. Using the same background, take pictures from different angles then stitch them together using an app like Pic Joiner or Pic Stitch to create a stunning single image

8. On the other hand. If you’ve tried the whole hand-modelling thing but aren’t happy with the results, why not try displaying your ring instead. Your ring box is a ready-made solution, or you could let your creative side take over to produce something simple but very effective

9. Sparkle and shine. Don’t forget to clean your ring before your selfie. If you’ve literally just said “yes” then a quick polish with a soft cloth will do but, even if it’s only been a few days, a dip in some soapy water will unleash your diamond’s sparkle and fire perfectly

10. Share away. You’ll only get to do this once, so why not go mad? We love seeing your engagement selfies so don’t forget to share it with us too #EngagementSelfie

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