G-Shock Watches

Instantly recognisable. Incredibly capable. A G-Shock watch is always tough, durable and packed full of impressive features. Sporting shock-resistant technology and GPS digital features, G-Shock watches for men are designed to help you conquer every terrain and enhance every outfit. Including models from outstanding collections including the Mudmaster, MR-G and Full Metal, you'll find G-Shock timepieces in strap options of unbreakable stainless steel, robust resin and sleek titanium. From elegant dress watches to bold G-Shock pieces that are built to explore, choose between quartz and solar-powered movements. Lead the way in every adventure with a men's G-Shock watch. Find your new timepiece by browsing the Beaverbrooks range today and enjoy next-day UK delivery on selected pieces.

G-Shock Watch FAQs

  • Do G-Shock watches need batteries?

    Quartz G-Shock watches have batteries that will need to be changed every year or two. You'll mostly find solar-powered watches in Beaverbrooks' G-Shock range, though. These timepieces' power can last anywhere between six months and two years, depending on the model, and they recharge when exposed to direct light.

  • Are G-Shock watches a good investment?

    When you buy a G-Shock watch, you're choosing unparalleled durability and top-of-the-range technology that'll serve as an excellent companion in any environment. On top of that, the premium materials ensure that you'll be enjoying your G-Shock timepiece well into the future, making it a great investment for watch lovers.

  • Which G-Shock watches use solar power?

    If you're looking for a solar-powered G-Shock watch, turn to exceptional collections such as Rangeman, MT-G and Mudmaster. With no battery change required and the ability to draw power from any light source, you can enjoy time-saving functionality and robust design with a G-Shock MT-G Stainless Steel Solar Powered Men’s Watch. If you're shopping for something sleeker in style, pay homage to the brand's original rectangle shape with the Full Metal Stainless Steel Solar Powered Watch.

  • How do I charge my solar-powered G-Shock watch?

    When you wear a solar-powered G-Shock watch like an MR-G or Mudmaster, you need to ensure that the solar panel isn't blocked if you want it to charge while wearing it. If your clothing is obscuring it, power efficiency can be affected.

    To charge your G-Shock watch when you're not wearing it, put it in direct light and you'll get a full charge in just a few minutes. Sunlight is the best power source but it can also draw charge from other sources like light bulbs.

  • How do I register a G-Shock watch?

    Registering your G-Shock watch gives you the best chance of recovering it in the unfortunate case of theft. It's easily done through the Casio website.

    For an extra layer of protection, you can take out insurance on jewellery and watches up to a value of £5,000 when you buy with us. This can give you peace of mind that you'll have cover should your G-Shock watch be damaged, stolen or lost.