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Watches & Wonders

The Highlights From Geneva

Watches & Wonders was the most highly anticipated event in the watch industry calendar for 2022 and our team of luxury watch buyers were lucky enough to go the event in Geneva and witness the new launches from some of the world's best luxury brands.

Your destination to find out all the highlights from the event is right here, as we bring you the latest on the watches that caught our attention and why.

Watch this space for upcoming in-depth coverage of the latest launches at the Watches & Wonders event.

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Insider Insights: Q&A with Bruce,
Head of Luxury Brands

We managed to catch up with Bruce before he flew to Geneva to attend the Watches & Wonders event, we caught five minutes with him to find out his expectations and what he’s looking forward to.

  • What are you most excited about for this year’s Watches & Wonders event?

    Actually physically visiting a watch fair because it’ll be the first time in three years that everybody from the industry has got together at one of these events, and you can’t beat the buzz and the excitement that generates.

  • Are there any watch trends you’re expecting to see?

    Yes, lots of colour. From the brands we’ve seen so far, lots of coloured dials, coloured straps, and as we’ve spoken to the brands about it – you know we’ve been in lockdown the last two years – they’re wanting to add excitement and life back into the product launches, and we fully expect to see more of that in Geneva coming up.

  • What are you seeing different this year compared to previous year?

    Well, the luxury watch category as we know is booming at the moment, and I think it’s given the watch brands more confidence in launching more daring – we touched on coloured dials and coloured straps – and I think they are being more adventurous with the designs. Whereas the previous couple of years, two or three years maybe, we’ve seen safer more commercial introductions.

  • Anything you'd love to see the brands release this year?

    We always love special editions and in particular limited editions as well. Customers love to have something that they know is a little bit different, often there’s stories behind. You know the launch of limited editions, it really does create a lot of excitement and lots of storytelling and uniqueness.

  • How has COVID changed the industry?

    The biggest change we’ve experienced is that brands, they used to save up all the launches for major fairs (major watch fairs) which are around this time of the year, and we’ve seen more and more of them now are launching product throughout the year. Which makes it for customers, it keeps the excitement going all the time because you’re not waiting 11 months to see what’s happening.

    Also, one of the big changes we’ve seen is that the launches are now done in more local markets in the UK, predominately in London, and the single greatest thing for us is that now that we’re back mixing with people, we can actually see the product in the flesh because you can’t beat that. You know, for two years we’ve seen new product launches over either images or via video calls and you really cannot beat seeing the product in the flesh and touching it and just getting a real effect of the colours and everything like that. So, things are getting back to normal which is great.

Watches & Wonders -
all you need to know

What is Watches & Wonders?

A watch making summit held in Geneva, Watches & Wonders is the main watch event for 2022, where the world's finest luxury watch brands launch their new models for the year ahead.

With touch and feel sessions for the new collections, as well as personalised programmes, our Beaverbrooks luxury brand experts are at the heart of the watchmaking industry. We're really excited to share the latest watch designs and latest insider knowledge with you whilst we experience it first-hand.

When is Watches & Wonders?

Watches & Wonders take place 30th March - 5th April.

Where is Watches & Wonders?

The Watches & Wonders event is held in Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland. First launched in 2020, it’s the first physical event for Watches & Wonders, with previous years being held digitally due to restrictions and many brands moving away from Baselworld – which has been cancelled for the third year running.