Engagement Ring Style Guide

For over 100 years we’ve adored helping loved ones find their perfect engagement ring. With so many different types of engagement ring styles to choose from, we’re here to help you find your ‘one’.

Art deco engagement rings

Pretty and feminine, our Entwine by Beaverbrooks diamond rings take on the twisted engagement ring trend beautifully.

We Love

  • The cluster of baguette cut and round brilliant diamonds
  • Diamond set split shoulders add a unique touch
  • Polished platinum backdrop, the most pure, rare and eternal precious metal

Diamonds with
twice the sparkle

Our exclusive Beyond Brilliance diamond rings feature a diamond cut you won’t find anywhere else in the world, for the most extraordinary sparkle.

We Love

  • Cut with 100 diamond facets radiating from the centre of the diamond
  • These rings sparkle twice as much as the usual 57 facet diamond
  • For the perfect backdrop, each ring has been crafted from 18ct PureWhite gold
  • Each diamond can be traced back to the exact location it was mined from in Canada
Beyond Brilliance by Beaverbrooks

For sparkle that's simply extraordinary

Featuring a diamond cut you won’t find anywhere else in the world, see the intense sparkle of Beyond Brilliance for yourself...


Dramatic and oversized four-claw settings are a trending engagement ring design this year and are perfect for those who want to make a statement with a modern engagement ring.

We Love

  • The four claw ring is an extremely eye-catching ring style
  • The statement claws draw your attention to the dazzling central diamond
  • This ring setting is incredibly secure for your precious diamonds


Worn by Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, sapphire engagement rings are becoming more and more popular, loved for the regal sparkle the sapphire creates.

We Love

  • The deep blue sparkle from the precious stone
  • A beautiful colour to complement traditional diamonds
  • Sapphire gives a royal feel to any look
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Halo diamond rings have been loved for a long time now, but a popular engagement ring style coming through is square halo engagement rings.

We Love

  • Halo settings create exceptional sparkle
  • They beautifully enhance the central diamond
  • The square shape gives a classic look a modern twist
Classic or vintage? Take our diamond quiz to find your partner’s diamond style and their perfect engagement ring.

gold touches

Rose gold engagement rings have been a huge trend for a while now, but if you don’t want to fully commit, then choose a diamond wedding ring style with subtle hints of rose gold.

We Love

  • Discover rose gold hearts for true romance
  • The hidden heart creates a secret between the two of you
  • The mix of metals is beautifully modern and contemporary