Gift-Giving in Relationships

Gift-Giving in Relationships

We’ve been helping you to celebrate magical Christmas moments since 1919.

For our 100th anniversary, we asked 2,000 loved-up couples about gift-giving, funny present fails and what they’d love to unwrap on Christmas morning. Get some insider knowledge on how to find the perfect, meaningful Christmas present.

When gift-giving goes wrong…

We asked our couples to tell us the worst gift they’d received from a partner and here are a few of our favourite answers. Get ready for a chuckle…

  • ‘Joke’ anti-nagging spray
  • A brussels sprout mug
  • A garden trowel
  • A mop
  • Tin opener
  • Car cleaner
  • A hideous novelty jumper they’d knitted themselves
  • A handkerchief


of couples said they’d been bought jewellery which wasn’t to their taste.

We’re here to help. Use our handy Gift Finder to make sure this isn’t the case

Find the perfect gift


of men said their loved one had accidentally bought them a gift that was more suited to their ex partner.

Is bad gift-giving a relationship deal-breaker?

62% of couples said no, but…

FIVE TIMES more 18-24-year olds said they would end a relationship over a terrible gift when compared to 55-year olds.

15% of men have ended a relationship with a partner who bought them a terrible gift, compared to just 8% of women


Only 30% of couples said their partner always gets their gifts right

Is honesty always the best policy?

The longer couples have been together, the more honest they are (almost 1/4 of couples in a relationship for seven years admitted they’ve returned a gift, compared to just 14% of couples who have been together six months)

Women are more likely to drop hints about what they want and to tell a partner if they don’t like what they’ve been bought

Despite what people might think…

Women don’t actually spend that much longer than men when picking out Christmas gifts for their partners - just 12 minutes longer on average

How to master Christmas gift-giving

It’s no secret that at Beaverbrooks we’re romantics at heart. That’s why we love helping you to find perfect presents, so you can spoil your special someone.

Here are our top tips on how to be the best gift-giver this Christmas.

Our store teams

1. Be Organised

(But if you’re not, we’re on-hand to help!)

Just over half of couples said they buy their Christmas presents a month before the big day and one quarter said they do their Christmas shopping two weeks before.

We say: If you haven’t already, start thinking about what to get your partner now. You have until 8pm on 23rd December to order online, or our store teams are here to help right through to Christmas Eve.

Christmas Gift Guide

2. Get inspired

67% of people struggle to know what to buy their partner at Christmas because they believe “they have everything already” or are “too picky and fussy”.

We say: Let us provide some inspiration. Take a look at our Christmas Gift Guide, full of perfect and thoughtful festive present ideas, or use our handy Gift Finder and we’ll do the finding for you!

Christmas Gift Guide

3. Do your research and listen to your partner

30% of couples said they drop hints about what they want as a gift.

We say: Listen out for those subtle hints and think carefully about what your loved one would want. Will they REALLY want something practical like a vacuum cleaner over a more thoughtful Christmas gift?!

Diamond Ring

4. Communicate and be clear on each other’s expectations

A quarter of couples opt to choose presents together and 16% of couples share their wish lists with their other half. More than half of couples admit to setting a budget (although a tenth rarely stick to it)!

We say: Sometimes setting a budget or sharing wish lists is helpful and takes away some of the stress, but we still love the romance and excitement that comes with a surprise. We can help you pick a gift to wow them on Christmas morning.

5. Do what feels right

If you’re in a new relationship, Brits (on average) believe you should be together for three months and one week before you need to buy each other a gift. But, one quarter of couples also said you should get your partner a Christmas gift once you’ve been together for over a month.

We say: There are no rules. If you like them, get them a present!