• Tactix delta

    Fantastic watch. Little bit expensive but built to last

    CRAIG FLAHERTY 26 November 2020

  • Fantastic watch

    Purchased this watch last month and it’s everything I wanted. It’s a slick design which looks great, durable and easy to use once you get the hang of the controls as there is many! Great for sports, map is fantastic and very happy. The only downside is garmin pay isn’t supported with most banks yet but that’s minor. If you want a watch that does it all then invest

    Jon Driscoll 30 January 2021

  • Built to last, and priced to reflect the quality you get.

    I purchased the Garmin tactix delta solar watch for work, the watch needed to be Military grade and robust enough to survive the day to day wear it was going to be subjected to. I have to say after three months of use the watch has proved where the cost of purchasing the watch has gone into, the case is extremely hard wearing and the strap is made to meet the challenge. The battery life far exceeds my previous Military style watch, which fell to pieces over a period of time which was from a different brand. The Garmin is simply better in every way, whilst it’s unlikely I will ever push this watch to its full potential it is nice to know I have functionality on tap should I need it. I finally have a fitness watch that meets the challenge of a great allrounder, survives the work environment and fitness and looks great in any situation even going out.

    Peter 27 May 2021

  • Garmin Tactix Delta Solar

    I bought this watch a few months ago, it's my first more expensive watch and this one fitted my spec I required, I loved the more rugged and robustness of it. Im really impressed with the functions of the watch however I'm disspointed that I can see light scratches on the watch face, this can only be seen pending how I hold it, the issue I have is that the shop say they couldnt see anything wrong with it and wanted nearly £200 to send it to garmin to potentially fix it. (Annoying because iv spent a lot over the past few months including wedding rings) Its certainly isn't scratch resistant or else this is damaged underneath the watch face. Although very light and pends how I hold it, it's annoying. Overall I love the watch.

    J M H 3 June 2021

  • Tactic delta solar Not as robust as they say and beaverbrooks done nothing

    I see my last review has been deleted. I bought this watch because of its robustness however after a few months I noticed scratches on the watch face. Beaverbrooks claim they can't see anything and that it's only scratch resistant and not scratch proof. They wanted £200 to send it back to garmin for an assessment which guaranteed they will just send it back and say nothing it wrong with it. Highly disappointed in their lack interest in resolving this or exchanging the watch. I can see this with my naked eye. Although I have bought other jewellery for my wedding from there of late I do like their jewellery however customer service is extremely poor.

    John 28 June 2021

    Beaverbrooks replied on 06 July 2021

    We’re sorry to hear you're unhappy, this has been passed over to our customer service team who will be in touch with you to discuss this further.