• tag

    The watch feels nice on the wrist is the only positive... The os is very slow compared to my galaxy active that I wear for work. It took ages for any apps to download, and for a Swiss watch I was unhappy that it says made in China on the box.. So thats why I returned it for a refund.

    Paul Barlow 17 August 2020

  • Over priced and not very smart

    This is a nice looking watch and gives you a number of options for the active face. However, that's about where it ends as far as positive attributes go. The battery life is appalling - it does not last for a day and if you use it to monitor exercise then it lasts no time at all. It hasn't managed to record a two hour bike ride so far. The charger is also very poor - you have to carefully position the watch for the connection to work and most of the time it will slip and fails to charge. And you have to lie the watch on the side to charge - there is one charger stand on the market that is frankly rubbish. As a smart watch there is very limited functionality. You would have more functions and more smart abilities on a watch for less than £100. You're basically paying for a name and on the back of this watch its a name that will be deteriorating fast.

    Peter 28 August 2020

  • Tag Heuer connected blue

    As a busy chef this watch is game changer. The ability to just glance at messages,emails and timers then reply or amend whilst on the move is amazing. Setting up the watch and notifications was a breeze in the chronograph faces. Golf app is also superb and as good if not better than others I've seen. Get loads of envy as it looks super cool in blue.

    philip sampson 20 September 2020

  • Not Smart At All

    Pro’s Watch looks good Cons Terrible software Terrible battery Terrible charger Enough said

    Owen 5 March 2021