• New generation Smartwatch from TAG

    Beautiful quality and looks great on the wrist. Still learning about the options and capabilities of the watch, use it for fitness and obviously to tell the time. My biggest negative though is the battery life. I expected closer to the 20 to 24 hour mark and after placing it on my wrist this morning at 8am (fully charged), it is now 3pm and the battery is at 30%. Not using it regularly to access aps and functions either so quite surprising. Nevertheless, this is early days and once I know the full functions and ability of the watch I hope I can learn to increase this to a full days work and evening out without it going into low power mode. I did wait and wait for this next generation Tag smart-watch to become available (not going with Apple), because it is more masculine and I wanted it to be good (better than the previous model as a friend has that one). Great quick service from Beaverbrooks, comes well packaged and very nicely wrapped and presented. Looking forward as I learn more about it is the closing message.

    David C Jones 12 April 2020

    Beaverbrooks replied on 14 August 2020

    We’re sorry to hear about the battery. Our customer service team will be in touch with you to discuss this further.

  • Excellent smartwatch, terrific craftsmanship

    Purchased as an upgrade to my Gen 2 Tag Connected, this latest version sports the same superb craftsmanship with the addition of several smart features for a more complete experience. Communication and delivery following online purchase was excellent as has my Ownership experience to date. As an Owner of several luxury watch brands I can honestly say I am delighted with this purchase.

    Alan Martin 4 April 2020


    Very expensive for a smartwatch made in China.Its just a standard android watch branded with the Tag Heuer logo.

    Xenia 14 April 2020

  • Not life resistant enough

    It's not as smart as some other watches available and Wear OS leaves some room for improvement but it is the best looking smart watch out there right now in my opinion. The sapphire crystal and ceramic bezel are really resilient but the stainless steel case is so soft that I scratched some of the polished surface with my thumb before I even put it on my wrist. Admittedly I have quite rough skin but a steel watch should at least be able to resist damage from your bare hands. In addition the instructions/warranty info stipulate that the watch cannot come into contact with any substance other than water including soap and detergent. This means that you can't even wash your hands whilst wearing it let alone take a shower. I knew there is a premium to be paid for luxury brands but honestly I was expecting a bit more for my money.

    Michael Butcher 20 August 2020

  • good quality watch

    a bit expensive for what it is.

    Mamdouh 15 February 2021