• Lost earring

    Received these as a gift from a friend for my 50th birthday Absolutely love them but they constantly fall out due to the slack clasp until I eventually lost one Devastated

    Toni Burns 30 July 2021

    Beaverbrooks replied on 24 August 2021

    We’re sorry to hear that. Our customer service team will be in touch with you to discuss this further.

  • Had them a month and lost one

    Sadly had these for Christmas and they were beautiful but the clasps are very flimsy and I have lost one already. Real shame as they are pretty.

    Sarah Cadenne de Lannoy 19 January 2022

    Beaverbrooks replied on 05 April 2022

    We're sorry about this - we've passed on all the feedback to the relevant department who are currently reviewing the quality of the clasps. Our customer service team will be in touch to discuss further!

  • Flimsy clasp

    Beautiful earrings bought for my 40th birthday but one fell out and lost the second time I wore them due to extremely flimsy clasp

    Gemma Hilditch 20 March 2022

  • Clasps

    Loved these earrings but clasp never worked ended up loosing them.

    Michelle 12 October 2022

    Beaverbrooks replied on 10 February 2023

    We're sorry to hear this, our customer service team will be in touch shortly to discuss further.

  • Lost earring due to fastening

    Had these as a gift gif my 40th birthday. Absolutely loved them except for the dreadful flimsy fastening. Lost one on my second time wearing them . Beautiful earrings but appalling fastenings

    Gemma Hilditch 3 March 2023

  • Not very good earnings

    I am so disappointed. My husband bought these for my birthday 6 days ago and the clasp wasn't very good. I've wore them today for the 3rd time and one of the earrings has fallen out and I can't find it. Such a waste of money. Especially in this cost of living crisis. This was my one treat in such a long time. I feel awful about it.

    Vin 22 March 2023

    Beaverbrooks replied on 11 April 2023

    We're sorry to hear this, we have passed your feedback on and our customer service team will be in touch shortly.

  • Silver cut hoops

    I got these from my friend for my 60th. Earings are beautiful but like other reviews the clasp is terrible. My first pair I took back because the clasp was very loose. Staff were great and replaced them for me. However one of my new pair kept falling out and unfortunately I ended up losing one. Gutted as they were a gift.

    Lc 16 May 2023

  • Earrings

    I’ve bought two pairs of these first pair lost one, cause of the flimsyness, and now I’ve lost another one, but lovely earrings

    SHARON Treffers 15 June 2023