• Stunning!

    I went to Beaverbrooks to buy the grey dial version but once I set eyes on the black dial I was sold. This watch is absolutely stunning, a masterpiece in design and engineering and the accuracy of this new movement is hard to believe for a mechanical watch. Buy it on the bracelet and order the rubber strap for summer, it's like having 2 different watches, I'm loving it.

    Peter 17 May 2019

  • Fantastic quality watch

    I ordered online and the size and weight of the packaging astonished me! This has been purchased for my husbands 50th birthday in January. He will be over the moon with it, as I am. The attention to detail with the stch itself as well as the packaging is astonishing.

    Helen Legg 16 December 2019

  • Absolutely love it

    Purchased from Sheffield Meadowhall. Absolutely love the watch and Holly at store was very helpful! James

    James Bramwell 20 December 2019

  • An absolutely superb watch in every way.

    Having owned several Omega Seamaster’s, including the quartz version when Omega did both quartz and automatic, throughout that time Omega modified the watch slightly with changes that introduced conflicting opinions. Like remove the wave from the face. Whilst these modifications weren’t game changing the watch was beginning to lose the attention of those watches that jump out at you. Even Rolex, with their Submariner, have now finally made a step change by increasing it to 41mm. Now whilst we all know about the, never to end, Rolex Sub versus Omega Seamaster views and opinions that goes on, even their previous incarnation of their last 40mm Submariner watch divided opinion. But, keeping away from that debate, Omega has done a brilliant job of bringing the Seamaster back to life (without the aid of James Bond). The changes are a real, considerable and significant remodelling of this iconic timepiece in so many ways, yet it still retains the visible bloodline of the Seamaster. The movement is a masterpiece, the increase in size (due to the new movement) is complimentary to the style and doesn’t go overboard, the relocation of the date is a nice touch, the wave is back but in a 21st century way, the glass back provides the means to see the beating heart of the watch, which is stunning, the adjustable and modernised strap works and looks so good, the clarity of the hands and time markers provides trouble free clarity, day or night. The only change that may divide opinion is the Helium release style and even continued presence, but this is part of the DNA of the Seamaster, and I personally have no concern about it. What I have listed are just some of the improvements Omega have made. They can be really proud of themselves for taking the Omega Seamaster onto another level of excellence and stunning watch making. Whatever your preference in colour, finish, straps etc; Omega provides a wide range of finishes and combinations. It really is a fantastic Seamaster, well done Omega.

    John Iles 28 December 2020

  • Recieved Retirement gift from my partner’

    Bought the 2017 model in 2018 to start of my collection of Omega watches, we were so pleased with the service at beaverbrooks in the trafford centre we decided to purchase this black one from the same boutique and i can say I’m delighted with it. The black face just stands out and the case looks fantastic. The new design bracelet and case just pop in the light. Fantastic watch really pleased, I’d recommend this anyway of the week. Wasn’t so happy with the service this time though. I did return to this branch only a couple of weeks after buying my first Omega with the intention of buying this watch then which was in 2018. But the member of staff had no interest in serving me and stood in. Front of the cabinet where the watch was i wanted to view so i left without even seeing the watch. Sadly the same person served my partner this time and the experience was well less than expected. But its not put me off enjoying my purchase. But I wouldn’t use. This boutique again to make a purchase when i decide to add to my collection of watches. My rating of 5 stars is for the watch only. I would give the service 2 stars

    R M J White 4 June 2021

  • Omega seamaster

    Just bought this watch today from beaver brooks metrocentre ,all I can say this watch is pure quality in every aspect. Scott the guy who sold me the watch was so knowledgeable about omega seamster. Very happy with this watch .

    James smith 30 July 2021