• Omega Moonwatch

    Purchased this iconic watch today from the Merry Hill store. Customer service was excellent. Cannot stop looking at it! I have wanted this watch for a long time.

    Chris Dale 8 June 2019

  • No feeling like it

    This is the one. Although despite what they say on this website, the movement has been updated since the '60s, but it's an incremental step. You can watch Apollo 13, NASA footage and other documentaries - this is the one you see Armstrong and Aldrin, Lovell and co strapping on. Quite apart from the testing it went through for NASA to certify it for manned space flight (it still is), the speedy pro is elegant, well proportioned and just works. The Hesalite is a non-shatter material unlike glass which couldn't be allowed in space in case it splintered. If authenticity matters to you - buy this one. If not - get the modern sapphire crystal. Personally I couldn't live with the idea that I'd bought a watch that was *almost* the MoonWatch. Either way, if you're serious about decent watches... this is the Daddy.

    simon_e 20 July 2019

  • What a moon watch

    Wife brought me the OMEGA moon watch for my birthday very lucky man. And what a watch to have the one to have been on the moon. Can not stop looking at it if you are going to buy one it's got to be this one.

    Chris Horne 15 October 2019

  • Omega classic Moonwatch

    Added this awesome timepiece to my collection (4th Omega) and love it. Great online service from Beaverbrooks

    Kevin Flinders 23 May 2020

  • Omega Moonwatch

    My first Omega! I ordered the watch on Friday and it had arrived by 11am on Saturday. Well packaged and great service from Beaverbrooks. I’ve never used mail order for a watch before but researched the watch on YouTube and the internet and checked out the other reviews on here. It’s a fantastic watch and true to the original. I was torn on whether to go for the sapphire sandwich modern iteration but chose the original with the hesalite crystal. It’s a fantastic timepiece and easy to use. I was sceptical about the mechanical movement having been used to automatics but it is no problem. You will not be disappointed!

    Gazoak 23 May 2020

  • Heritage.

    A watch that I have wanted to own for a long time is the moonwatch. I decided to take the option of the hesalite face as this is the face that nasa have used since the apollo missions. The purchase was made on-line and was delivered the next day. The whole process was very smooth from start to finish. My one gripe is that the outer omega box was slightly damaged on one corner, just a little gripe as the watch box itself is completely intact. I just have to take the watch in store to have a link removed as soon as lockdown is eased. All in all the watch is a beautiful timepiece which I'm sure I will enjoy for years to come.

    Ian Gallacher 23 June 2020

  • OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch

    Bought my watch from the Hanley Branch. All staff were pleasant and helpful , Deb was fantastic helping me choose my watch and with the adjustments. I would definitely go to beaverbrooks again. The watch is great, very well made and feels quality to wear.

    Rob 12 July 2020

  • The feel of elegance

    The order was placed, and I had my watch in 2 days. Was easy and simple. The watch is just amazing, the way it fits to the effortless movement of the second hand. Definitely a work of art. Now I know why NASA chose this watch for space missions. A timeless collectable item.

    Christoff Kapp 8 August 2020

  • Omega Speedmaster

    Great watch, purchasing was painless. I would say though, the price increased just before purchasing, and a week after purchasing a free watch winder is on offer, I feel slightly cheated, but that’s the way it goes I suppose.

    Trevor 18 October 2020

  • Good watch/service

    The watch and the presentation case is really good.The service was excellent in terms of speed of delivery and finance. Be aware that trying to adjust the metal bracelet is not advised as Omega use too much glue on the screws and suggest you visit a jeweller to adjust bracelet as it was too difficult for me and I normally adjust my own bracelet.

    William 7 December 2020

  • My Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

    I really love My Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch, however with COVID-19 restrictions I can’t get my watch bracelet Adjusted, so I have put it on supplied Omega NATO Strap, is there anywhere I can take it to get Bracelet adjusted ?

    Roland Dring-Sandberg 31 January 2021

  • Omega moon watch.

    Absolutely a beautiful watch. This is as near to the original watch that went to the moon. The presentation box is amazing. It comes with the booklet that gives all the information on the moon landing. Thanks to Beaverbrooks on giving the option of interest free credit that has allowed me to purchase a quality watch. Very pleased and will be wearing.

    Michael Brooker 6 February 2021

  • watch faulty

    Ordered this watch from Beaverbrooks online unfortunately it keeps stopping despite winding it 25-30 turns per day (the customer service team at Beaverbrooks advised 20 turns per day however it only lasts about 12 hours if i do this) Not really what i expected from a £4000 watch I have asked for an exchange but i am still waiting for this to be sorted

    Darren Hollows 13 April 2021

    Beaverbrooks replied on 15 April 2021

    We’re sorry to hear that. Our customer service team will be in touch with you to discuss this further.

  • A piece of history

    A beautiful and historic watch. Gaze at the heavens and contemplate that this watch was on the surface of the moon. Magic stuff. Excellent customer service from Beaverbrooks

    Daniel 30 March 2021