Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil is a success story over three generations. Since its inception in 1976, the brand has remained faithful to its founding principles - Independence, Savoir-Faire, Aesthetics and Creativity.

Over the last 30 years, Raymond Weil continues to innovate whilst retaining the essential core values of a family steeped in watch making heritage. The Geneva based brand belongs to the elite inner circle of traditional family run Swiss watch house, and with the support of a worldwide network of international distribution agents has consolidated its status among the leading names of the Swiss Watch Industry.

Raymond Weil brings together all the elements of excellence of the Swiss luxury watchmaking industry. Precision, quality, reliability, nobility and technical nature of the materials are many standards that the Geneva-based Brand combines to create its models. This know-how confers Raymond Weil its watchmaking legitimacy.

Switzerland’s centuries of carefully handed-down watchmaking skills and know-how are harnessed by the brand and reflected in its choices and developments of materials, components and craftsmen in all the stages of production and assembly, to meet the prerequisites of the "Swiss made" label.

Aestheticism is a constant preoccupation in the development of Raymond Weil timepieces. The Brand takes great care of the design of its watches in order for them to combine ergonomics, refinement and modernity. This aesthetic pursuit results in distinctive and identity-marked models.

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