When style meets substance and exclusivity meets affordability a new breed of fashion jewellery evolves. Diamonfire presents a unique blend of glamour and sophistication in a premium jewellery range.

An expansive collection of simulated diamonds in exquisite rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, Diamonfire’s designs are created with you in mind. Each product is a work of art that reflects our high standards of exceptional quality and finish. Diamonfire’s collection of jewellery is fashionable and suitable for every occasion.

Our stones are hand cut and faceted exactly like a real brilliant then individually checked and electronically measured by the carat to give you the best possible product. Each piece has been designed to reflect the attributes of a flawless diamond; the exquisite settings crafted from pure sterling silver with a multilayered plating of rhodium and platinum plus gold and rose-gold. Diamonfire products are the undisputable choice when glamour, style and sophistication are what you seek in exquisite jewellery.

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