The Four C's - Clarity

When choosing a diamond you will more than likely be told about the 4 C’s. These relate to Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight, and are classifications that are used to categorise diamonds, and to help define their true beauty.

The Clarity

Diamonds are natural material, the result of carbon exposed to tremendous heat and pressure deep within the Earth. Their formation can result in a variety of unique internal characteristics which are described as inclusions, and external characteristics which are called blemishes. All diamonds have inclusions; it’s what makes them unique, like a fingerprint.

Diamond Clarity

Inclusions and blemishes can be cracks, fissures and black specs (un-crystallised carbon), which can sometimes be seen, and can potentially affect the passage of light through the stone and detract from its beauty. The GIA grades diamonds on the nature of these inclusions, placing them into one of 7 categories, some of which have sub-divisions, depending on their clarity. The rarity of a diamond increases with its purity.

  • Internally flawless

  • Very, very small inclusions

  • Very small inclusions

  • Small inclusions

Even though a diamond may have some small inclusions, many of these will not be visible unless looking at the stone under 10x magnification.

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