Diamond Buying Guide

How to find your perfect diamond

Formed millions of years ago in conditions that will never be seen on the Earth again, each diamond is as unique as a snowflake. At Beaverbrooks, we’ve been helping our customers fall in love with their perfect diamonds for almost 100 years. The quality of each and every stone is defined by its cut, colour, clarity and carat (otherwise known as The 4 C’s), but in our Diamond Buying Guide we’ll help you negotiate the jargon to help you find the one that’s perfect for you.

What’s Special about Beaverbrooks Diamonds?

As a family business, diamonds have truly been our lifelong passion and the pursuit of quality and excellence is simply part of our ethos since 1919. We source all our Beaverbrooks diamonds from a small selection of recognised and trusted partners that we have built lasting relationships with. We only work with expert diamond suppliers who excel in the artistry and science of cutting exceptional diamonds. Even today our loose diamonds are hand selected by a small group of specialist buyers, who inspect each stone meticulously and personally certify its grade and quality. So, you’re not just buying a diamond, you’re buying 97 years and 3 generations of expertise.

Designer diamonds at Beaverbrooks

In addition to our own beautiful Beaverbrooks diamonds, we also showcase some of the world’s best diamond brands, whose artistry and expertise reveals the true magic of diamonds.

Every curve and every detail, inspected to ensure perfection

Before you even set eyes on your ring, we’ve meticulously inspected it for hours. The diamond must be matched with the perfect setting to show it off at its sparkling and brilliant best and the band must not only look beautiful, but feel beautiful too.

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Anyone can show you a diamond, but we take great pride in taking you deep into the heart of it. It’s not simply about selling diamonds, it’s experiencing that profound moment when you just know you’ve found the one.

As unique as a snowflake

“Showcasing brilliant, one-of-a-kind stones, our diamond solitaires are a minimum GSI1 quality, and are available in different carat weights and a variety of stunning cuts.”

Choosing your Perfect Setting

Whatever your preferred choice of setting, style or metal, we devote a huge amount of care and attention to ensuring that your stone, setting and band match perfectly.

The type of setting you choose will determine the style of your ring, influencing whether your look is contemporary, classic or vintage. That’s why our attention to detail doesn’t start and end with the diamond. Each diamond deserves to be set with strength and security, as well as beauty and style – we simply won’t cut corners in our endeavour to achieve this.

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