The Little Moments
Of Christmas

We believe it’s the little moments that make Christmas… Those special little rituals that you share each year with your loved ones. Whether it’s sleeping grandparents, refusing to buy a new stocking or the inevitable gift of socks every year, we know you wouldn’t change those festive traditions for the world.

Here are our favourite little moments from our own Beaverbrooks family.

Chritmas Eve Present

Being allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve

“In our house, we’re always allowed to open a gift on Christmas Eve.”

Sharing the magic of Christmas with your little ones

Sharing the magic of Christmas with your little ones

“I love the very moment my partner and daughter put the star on top of the tree. Classic, I know!”

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Spending time with grandparents and appreciating their traditions

“We all have to crowd around the TV, turn up the volume full blast and be absolutely silent for the Queen’s speech. My Grandma’s request – for as long as I can remember.”

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Buying yourself at least one new Christmas outfit

Buying yourself at least one new Christmas outfit

“I always treat myself to a Christmas Eve “going out” outfit, usually sparkly, and then I get a new outfit for Christmas Day off my mum. Probably so she can make sure I’m dressed nice enough!”

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Wearing PJ’s is the only way to open your presents in the morning

“My daughter and granddaughter wear the same PJs on Christmas morning. They tried to get me to do it one year!”

Saving the big presents until last

Saving the big presents until last

“Stocking filler presents are usually opened upstairs, then we go downstairs to the ‘main’ presents.”

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Setting up a “wrapping station”

“For me, it’s trying to find a secluded spot to wrap all my presents, usually on Christmas Eve, without being interrupted and surprises being blown. I’m not always successful!”

“My mum, my nan and I always get together and wrap all the presents in the run up to Christmas. I always end up wrapping my own!”

Christmas Proposal

Knowing at least one person who got engaged

“The engagement announcement on Facebook and the congratulations that go along with it. I think I’ve seen one every year for the last five!”

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Christmas Stocking

Having the same stocking since... forever

“The stocking’s still going strong! It’s the same one as when I was little and I don’t want to change it.”

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Receiving the same staple gift every year

“I always get a new jumper or a new pair of pyjamas. At least I never have to buy pyjamas!”

“That small gift from your mum that’s never not going to be socks…”


Believing Christmas is only Christmas if you can smell turkey

“I go to my friend’s house on Christmas Eve before going out, and it always smells of turkey because her dad cooks it on Christmas Eve. I remember one year he didn’t, and we were all absolutely distraught. It didn’t feel like Christmas!”

Keeping one present a surprise

Keeping one present a surprise

“Every year, I always hold back one little surprise to give at the end of Christmas Day.”

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