How To Plan The
Perfect Surprise

Whether it’s a sparkling ring or a watch of a lifetime, the moment they open your present is one of the best parts of the day. The majority of Britain agrees, with three quarters of those asked saying that giving a gift is the best thing about Christmas.

And what makes present-giving all the more magic? When the giftee is oblivious. So how can you ensure your present remains a surprise until the big day? We found out the nation’s best secret Santa tips.

Keep Special Gifts Under Lock & Key

The best gifts are the ones you invest time, thought and love into. So when you’ve put your all into a precious present, such as an engagement ring or precious jewellery, it’s worth taking extra steps to create an unforgettable experience to match. Many of the Brits we asked locked them away in a suitcase, you can always keep the key in your bag or somewhere your other half definitely won’t go looking.

Secure Your Internet History

It’s not just presents lying around the home we need to keep under wraps, 8% of people surveyed took to the internet, checking their partner’s browser history to see what Santa has in-store. When Christmas shopping online, use multiple passwords for accounts, always un-tick the ‘remember me’ box, set up a special email address just for gifts, set up personal log ins for shared laptops and always clear your search history.

Use A Decoy Gift

According to our research, 15% of Brits hid a lower value present in an obvious location to trick their partner into believing they’ve found their main gift (and hopefully deterring them from further investigation!).

Glam It Up

The earlier you wrap your top secret presents in sparkling wrapping paper, the less chance your loved one has of finding it. The majority of Brits asked made sure they did their wrapping as quickly as possible.

Hide Your Gift

Even adults can become detectives when it comes to searching for hidden gifts every year. It’s no wonder, then, that the majority of the nation find a hiding place for presents to keep them a seamless surprise. But where? The most common hiding spot chosen by Brits is the wardrobe. More obscure locations include the washing basket and the dog’s bed!

Buy Your Present Closer To The Date

The most popular month to start Christmas shopping in the UK is November, with many Brits starting gift-buying as early as September. Maintaining the element of surprise is becoming a longer, unavoidable task, so if you know your partner is likely to hunt down your hiding spot, try buying gifts closer to December 25th to reduce the chances of them finding it.

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