Five Top Gift-Giving Habits Of 2016

Every year, Brits take great pleasure picking out the perfect gifts for their loved ones. But what is it about the festive gift-giving experience we enjoy the most? We asked the people of Britain to share their Christmas shopping, wrapping, and hiding habits.

1. The element of surprise

The majority of Brits don’t want to know what’s under the wrapping paper until Christmas morning, with almost three-quarters of the nation wanting their gifts to be a surprise. But that doesn’t stop everyone – 25% admitted to searching the home for a sneaky peek at their presents; the majority of that quarter stating that it’s a Christmas tradition.

2. A nation of givers

According to our research, the people of Britain love giving presents – enjoying more festive bliss from giving a present than the recipients themselves. In fact, 75% of people we asked said that bestowing a gift on their loved one was the best part of Christmas.

3. Hide and peek

Gifts need keeping under wraps in order to maintain that Christmas surprise, so it makes sense that more than three-quarters of the nation hide their presents. The number one secret spot? Inside the wardrobe, according to 27% of Brits. Jewellery was the purchase people were most concerned about their partner finding, with 20% using a suitcase to hide precious items like engagement rings inside.

4. Pre-season shopping

It appears Britain is super organised when it comes to Christmas shopping, with 28% of people we asked starting shopping in November, compared to 21% in December. Two out of 10 Brits start shopping in October and 11% buy festive gifts as early as September. The less-prepared were few and far between, with only 4% of British shoppers venturing out on Christmas week and 6% buying presents in the New Year.

5. That’s a wrap

Bows, glitter, string and fancy paper – wrapping is all part of the festive season. Still, that doesn’t stop Brits from speeding up the job – 34% admitted to wrapping presents as quickly as possible and 5% don’t wrap at all. However, a strong 24% of people in the UK enjoy the gift wrapping process and put a great deal of effort into making presents look pretty.

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